Vishnu Sahasranama

The poetic kannada commentary  by Shree Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru, on this stotra is my main source for exploration and reflection. It is written in chapters known as sandhis, the first of which I am currently not posting as I don’t have it with me. I shall post it as and when I do get it. I am beginning my humble postings with the second sandhi which begins with the poetic exposition of each name of the Lord as in VSN.

kalyaana roopa anagha sugunaarnavne

mahalakshmipati brahma vishwaakya Vishnu vashatkaara

Sheela jivothama vara vaayu brahma dhaamana hrit

keelaalajantasta paramaatma keshava sharanu

This is the mangalacharana shloka and appears in all the sandhis. It clearly says that the form of Hari is that which can bring auspiciousness into your life. The word ,’kalyaana’ is not just for the physical aspects of one’s life but the overall movement of the journey that life is. It is the most auspicious as stressed by the word -tama. There is nothing more auspicious. Why so? It is because He is completelt flawless and full of positive attributes. There is no other entity so positive, as every other thing, every other entity has some flaw or the other. The flaws could be either dependence, experience of grief,loss of body and loss of the very essence of the object as in the case of insentient objects. That entity who is free from all these kinds of losses , ie free from any kind of loss is God and He is known by the name “kalyanatama”.

He is the protector and provider of bliss to Mahalakshmi . The very origin of the universe is in energy which then manifests into matter. The formless energy known as Avyakta is controlled by Lakshmi and its time and design of manifestation follows the wishes of this Supreme personality of infinite energy whom we call God. She is the enjoyer by being the mysterious creator as per His wishes. How does she do this? What are the types of energies that she controls ? These are all different threads which we can visit when we need to. Right now, let’s focus on the first name of Vishnu.

Dasaru says he is the biggest thing to contend with- Brahma. Nothing bigger or greater ever existed and will never exist. It is because- He exists, others exist. He is known as Vishwakya because He pervades everything. There is nothing which can exist if He does not sustain it. He not only pervades but dictates what has to be done. This dictation happens at the lowest of the lowest levels of information exchange. Wherever any intelligent action is called for in nature, there the underlying control is finally vested only in Him. He causes the jivas to travel through the six phases of life-vashatkaara. He is full of good qualities which imply that even though he causes us to be born,to be in pain, to fly high, to learn and study and to finally die, he is not doing it out of any delusion. He is doing it out of a compassion. Even the greatest of souls like Vayu and Brahma are controlled totally by Him and respond to Him readily being the intimate knowers of his greatness. He resides in the heart lotus of Vayu and continues to work in every level of the universe. He is the most superior of such beings who can pervade everywhere throughout the universe and who can exist inside the tiniest of the tiny places like the jiva’s heart. Here Dasaru calls out to “Keshava” and says ,” I surrender”. Keshava is the controller of the Avyakta tatva, the formless energy manned by Lakshmi. He is the creator of everything and anything that we think has to come to form only by His grace. So this poetic commentary on the Vishnu sahasranama by Prasanna Sreenivasa Dasaru has come to be created by this Keshava’s grace. Let us also surrender to the Lord and seek his grace in making our dharmic wishes come to be.


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