50) Shree Amaraprabhave namah-The eternal master of all

sarvakarmagalige kAraNanaagi iruvi nee

vishwakarmane namO garuDavAhana vishvEsha

sarva karmagaLu swatantra ninna deseyindale

sarvadA karmadOshAdi lEpavilladantaryAmi


Shree Prasanna Shrinivasa dasa gurubyoh namah!

O the one and only cause of all action, You are the universal infinite doer, I bow down to You . You ride on GaruDa, O master of the universe, You are always completely free to do whatsoever You wish, Your will always comes to fruition ,You are the sole independent doer, yet your actions do no bind You. You remain as the antaryAmi in all beings making them do and enjoy the fruits of their karma.

The primordial cause of all action at all times and spaces…. If only we understand this properly and try to perceive its immense capabilities, then it is possible for us to entreat Shri Hari in the right way.

Once sure that there is no other entity who can possibly rescue one from this samsaara, then entreating Hari with deep concentration and seeking His grace becomes the sought after path for one who seeks succour from the heat of samsaara. That is the import of all Shastras and is well highlighted by  Dasaru .

Shri Purandara dasaru, an aparOXa jnAni, who is aware of Hari’s sarva kartrutva ,says

kichchinoLage bidda keeTakanu nAnaiyya

achchutane kAyo anantane tegeyO

goviMdane poreyO…..

Please note the feeling of submission, recognising one’s own helpless state becomes totally important to have this surrender.  He compares the state of the jiva to that of an insect careening towards the fire without any ability to change it, even as it is feeling the heat of the fire burning its wings and wanting to get away, but unable to do so.

Dasaru uses the action words , kAyo, tegeyO, poreYo. All the actions are initiated and completed by Hari, the jiva remains as the instrument.

Ah! Is this not what Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad gita.

He says,

“ishwarah sarvabhUtAnAm hideshe arjuna tishTati

bhramayam sarvabhutAni yantrarUDAni mAyaya” …BG 18.61

He resides in the heart lotus of all beings and rotates them as per His will even as one drives a machine. If His will is the main propeller of all action, then he is definitely the cause of all action. He is not just the cause but also the one who make others perform action.

This is what Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru says,

sarvakarmagalige kAraNanaagi iruvi nee

vishwakarmane namO garuDavAhana vishvEsha………

Garuda vAhana- He rides on the king of birds, Garuda. Garuda is the Veda purusha in our Manomaya kosha and he initiates the contemplation on Hari as per the command of Hari. Being the master of the amaras-Amaraprabhuva, He initiates the study of the scriptures and makes one contemplate on His glory and innumerable auspicious attributes. So Dasaru mentions this attribute of Hari as the one who is portrayed in each and every word of Veda and whose majesty can be known through the Vedas only by the grace of Garuda and Garuda vahana Krishna.

Being Vishwesha He is entirely free to do as He wishes. He controls the sentient and insentient beings in the world. One may wonder, So much authority and freedom, no one to question Him , What if He is partial?  To that Dasaru replies,”

sarvadA karmadOshAdi lEpavilladantaryAmi

“O amaraprabhave, You are completely flawless and untainted by the karmas you initiate and make the jivas do. You are never touched by it, You reside as the antaryAmi, controller and master and make the jiva’s do.”

Since He is the antaryAmi of all, there is no gain or loss for Him from any karma.He does things not because of His own need, or because He gains happiness by doing . He does because of His immense compassion on beings. He resides as antaryaami and directs all.

“swaprayOjana rahita sakalEshTa pradAyaka….” HKS


28)sthANave namah:Unperturbed pure existence

stAyi sarvatranI vikAravillade irutiyO

mattu aNuroopanu stANu namO embe ninage

sthiratvadiMdali neenu sthANu eMdenisuviyO

sarvatra tishTa balAdigaLalli nyunate illa

“You exist everywhere at all times, remaining unaffected by anything. Not just the immense form which pervades everywhere but also in the tiniest of the tiny forms too, You remain as “stANu”, totally undisturbed and tranquil. I bow down in reverence to Your immense enduring form which is totally unswerving and abiding. Being of this unshakable nature ,You are indeed glorified as “stANu”.You pervade everywhere without any loss of Your auspicious attributes like power,strength etc. Never is there any flaw associated with You. Place, time or gunas cannot impede Your stability ever,”

The impossible is possible in “stANu”. Can we imagine such a contradiction as the one expressed by Dasaru in the above padya? He declares to the Lord,” You pervade everywhere steadfast and firm in all Your auspicious attributes and there is no question of any defects. The very fact that You exist everywhere, yet have a minute form which is also the same as the one expressed in the first line is absolutely unimaginable.”

It is no wonder that Kanaka dasaru says ,”EneMdu koMDADi suthisuveno devA, nAnenu balle ninna mahimegaLa mAdhavA …” and Vyasa vittala dasaru says ,”tiLiyado ninnATA tirupatiya veMkaTa..”

In general when we speak of a thing in this world, if it is extremely big and occupies a great deal of space then it cannot also be microscopic . If at all we make it small then we reshape it by compressing it.It loses its original form. But not so, for stANu who remains unchangeable at all times and at the same time is all pervasive and the most minute also.The expansion of life,wealth,knowledge of a human is bound by many many factors. So also the mind. So how is it possible to know an entity that is infinite in infinite aspects using the tool -mind which is finite in all its aspects? This is a paradox.

manadoLage tAn iddu manaveMdenisikoMba…….

manavanittare tannane iva……

But the ancients advocated that beseeching the Lord Himself as the controller of the mind and its functioning and surrendering everything unto Him is the solution . Then He discloses Himself in as much as the devotee deserves to perceive.

Let us consider some scientific facts. Energy never gets depleted at any time, neither does it perish at time. It is always constant. Energy is everything. Without energy nothing exists. These laws of physics revealed by scientists just declare the observations. But why are these laws in place ? How is it that they hold true repeatedly? These questions can be answered only when we conceive of an all powerful infinite knowing being who can sustain all this with effortless ease, causing no kind of distress to Himself. He is never perturbed by all the changes that are orchestrated by His will. He is able to perform this incredible feat having access to each and every nook and corner of the universe and without as well .At all times His reach is infinite. His reach is not bound by anything. He is inside the most minutest atoms ,yet exists purely as the same All powerful infinite energy.

aNumahattinoLippa ghana para

mANuvinoLagaDagisuva sUkshmava

muNugisuva tElisuva sthUlagaLavana mAyavidu


munidu mADuvudEnulUkhala

onakegaLu dhAnyagaLa haNivaMdadali saMharipa…..HKAS_03-19

His presence inside each and everything is described by Shri Jagannatha Dasaru in the vyapthi sandhi. Here Dasaru clearly brings our focus to His extreme capabilities. What may be small and tiny can carry a lot of weight, while what may be big in mass can be light in weight. His will for each and everything is apparently the reason for things to take on forms and properties. Such unsurpassed capabilities of Hari is cited as a deterrent to the wicked by pointing out that there is no place where they can try to hide away from His righteous will. When He decides they will be sqashed out just as a small grain is crushed inbetween the mortar and the pestle .

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says in the last line of this verse,”sarvatra tishTa balAdigaLalli nyunate illa”. His power is never lessened at any point irrespective of time or place. This is the final definition of “stANu” as He is spontaneously constant in His gunas and whose firmness is unsurpassed and can never come to naught.

Every attribute of Paramatma is stANu. He is the Supreme Force who designs, creates ,sustains and disolutes the world at all times. He is the Supreme inner controller for all at all times and places. He is the only abiding Supreme who bestows knowledge and freedom from samsaara to the deserving. He pervades everywhere at all times . Every nama of the Vishnu Sahasranama is “stANu”.



28)Shri Shivaaya namah!

atishayAnanda anubhavi shivane namO yembe

jagadvilakshaNa pUrNasukha mangala swaroopa

bhaktarige mangalada muktarige nityasukha

vartisuvi shivaroopi shivada shribhUramaNa

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says ,” O enjoyer of extraordinary bliss, O Shiva , i bow down to You and offer my sincere obeisances.”

You are completely unique and different from anything in the universe being the one and only entity with completeness in bliss untouched by any flaw. Hence You are the most auspicious being. You bestow auspiciousness on Your devotees and lead them to a state of freedom from samsaara and an experience of their own self’s continuous bliss in that state of liberation. You ascertain the actions required to accomplish this and make it happen hence You are the only one who can be the giver of such auspiciousness. You make this happen ,controlling and showering bliss on Shri devi and Bhu devi.

The word shiva = shi + va where sha denotes bliss and the ‘i kara’ shabda magnifies the ananda and makes it atishaya. The syllable “shi” sings Vishnu’s glory as the one who possess infinite bliss and adds on with the syllable “va” denoting knowledge. The word “shiva” talks about the all powerful possessor of infinite bliss and knowledge who is none other than “Vishnu” , The infiniteness of bliss and knowledge is the pre-requisite for the sustainer of this Universe. Every creature in the universe possesses a alimited amount of bliss and knowledge basic to its very existence and that is sustained by this all powerful Lord. Imagine, His immense powers.

The finite bliss that all forms of creatures experience in this world all stem from His grace and His sustaining power.

The chirping song birds in the early morning. The trumpet of an elephant as it sights a water hole. The bark of a dog when it sees its owner. The swaying of the leaves at the slightest breeze. The jumping dolphins in the ocean. The smile of a baby. The expectation and joy of a wedded couple. The satisfaction of having had a good night’s sleep. The delight of a good meal. The list is endless .


Shri Jagannatha Dasaru says ,

matte chiddEhada oLage eM

bhattu sAviradELu nUri

ppatta aidu nR^isiMha rUpadalliddu jIvarige

nityadali hagaliruLu bappapa

mR^ityuvige tA mR^ityuvenisuva

bhR^ityuvatsala bhaya vinAshana bhAgya saMpanna….HKAS_07-15

He resides inside the swaroopa of the jiva in more than eighty thousand forms and ensures that the jiva continues to exist in that form as long as it is destined. The very existence requires so much of His immense grace, then what of all the experiences that we have day after day ? It is all because of an overflow of His grace. This kind of joy of experience is just one glance at the might and immeasurable bliss that He experiences as His natural essence.

Dasaru clarifies that the expereince of bliss that the Lord has is totally different from anything anyone can ever think of, let alone expereince. He is referred to as  “jagadvilakshana”. Completely different, totally unique. The difference being that the the very basis of His existence is independent and unimpeded by any force of time ,space or attribute. He is totally unique as He acts out of His own will to enable others to expereince bliss as per their own abilities at the right time. This exquisite nature of Hari remains unsurpassed at all times. He never needs anything from doing anthing yet He does, for the sake of others and that makes Him totally one of a kind. He provides opportunities for jivas to obtain knowledge and bliss and makes then engage in suitable actions to benefit from it. He is thus referred to as the  “Uplifter of the jivas – mangalada” . After the jiva gets unfetterered from the shackles of samsaara He then sees to it that it experience eternal bliss as per one’s own innate nature and capabilities. This also goes on for infinite time for each and every soul, souls being countless. Aah! Contemplate on His boundless capabilities .

“O shivA, All your actions are an expression of Your bliss and knowledge. They stem from Your very nature. The objective of Your actions is descirbed by Dasaru as ” bhaktarige mangalada, muktarige nityasukha.” not that the muktas are not bhaktas but they are the uplifted bhaktas. So the continuity of the sustianence of the Lord is described using these two phrases. For each and every bhaktas since beginningless time, this has been the process. It remains as the process and will continue for endless time.” Such is the magnifcient Shiva whose glory is sung by Bheeshmacharya in Vishnu Sahasranaama.

If at all we try to list out actions, events, associations ,experiences etc that has led to our improved attitudes, increasing knowledge(parOksha) and bliss in this perceivable world  then that list itself would be endless. We have no means to express our gratitude to His grace and compassion except by singing His glory,which is also accomplished only by His grace.


Shri Narasimha mantra

Shree Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru has composed quite a few kritis on Narasimha, all of which are very powerful and potent in conveying the emotional fervor which accompanies the knowledge of Hari’s great and boundless glory. Here is one such kriti.

jaya jaya jaya narasiMha

jaya jaya mahAlakshmi ramaNa

jaya nirAmaya sarvOtkrishTa aaha

jaya kamalaja mriDadyamaravaMdyane namO

bhayabahbhaMdahara bhakta janara rakshaka swAmi

O Narasimha ,You are ever victorious . You are the giver of joy to Mahalakshmi who has wonderful lakshanas . You are flawless and Supreme. Ah! You are constantly worshipped by Brahma born of the lotus, Rudra and others. I offer my repeated obeisances to You, O Master, who unshackles the chain of fear and bondage of His devotees and protects them.

The word ‘Narasimha” can be split as  “n+ara” + “simha”. With “n” having the meaning “nivritti” and “ara” being flawless. Simha is from the dhatu
sihi himsaayaam. So it comes that Narasimha jostles the negativity in the minds and antah karanas of His devotees. He puts them in samsaara, makes them experience in a way that they become free of defects. Just as the gold is heated and fired to become pure, the Lord places the souls in samsaara and puts them through expereinces of different kinds and uplifts them by giving them knowledge. He is always free from defects and is the Supreme among such defectless beings as He is the only Independent entity who remains defectless effortlessly. Even Lakshmi is dependent on Him as seen by the address “Lakshmiramana”. This word also shows that He is not dependent on anyone even Lakshmi to obtain bliss and exists in that constant state of flawless bliss effortlessly.

Further the word “kamala” expands to “kam” sukham , mam-jnaanam and ;laati meaning that which enables or brings. This Brahmaanda is the substratum for all jivas to perform sadhana and move to their eternal abodes. Brahma who is born from the lotus, is the abhimani for the Brahmanda ie it is his body. In other words He knows the kamala-14 worlds intimately and can understand to a certain extent the great abilities of the One who creates and sustains it. It is no wonder that Brahma sings His glory all the time. Similarly with Rudra- who is the controller of the mind. The embodied jiva’s life is more or less defined by the way one uses the mind. If the mind itself has so much power, how much would its controller Rudra have? How much more infinite power would Rudra’s creator and sustains have? It is really mystfying and humbling at the same time. We don’t recall what we thought about a few minutes ago too, Rudra knows exactly what we should think about each moment and executes it to the second without any mistakes. We cannot remember our own thoughts, but Rudra remembers the thoughts of everyone and guides the direction of thought as suitable for their particular station in life. It is truly marvelous!  Such a Rudra too constantly worships Hari, Narasimha, deeply in tune with magnitude of the workings of His infinite power through himself and making the minds of all others function as they should. All other devathas like Indra,Kama, Yama etc are all also singing His praise being aware of His immense capabilities and overall Control.

aradUra guNaparipUrNa

ugravIrame mahAvishNu

urukAMti sarvatOmukhane aaha

narasimha bhayakara Ashrita janara rakshaka

sharaNADe ninage nA mritymAraka namO

O Lord You are free from defects! Why so ? Dasaru says “He is completely full of auspicious attributes!” After all lack of attributes is the one which leads to defects .

O mahA Vishnu ,You are a fierce vanquisher, Your brilliance is boundless and You are the all perceiver. O Narasimha, you cause fear in the minds of the wicked and protect those who surrender to You. I fall at Your feet ,surrendering myself to You ,O Lord who is the vanquisher of even death! “

shrishTa pAta atta trAtA

dushTa daiyarigati krUra

shreshTa asamabala rUpa Aha

ishTa bhaktana kAye kaMbadiMdali bandu

utkrishTa prajvalipa nakhadi sIlde brashTana

You are the creator, sustainer, engulfer and saviour! You send the wicked on their path to grief. You strength in all sprere is unmatched and totally unique and superior.  “Did you not appear right out of the pillar, to save Your dear devotee? Did you not tear the evil demon with Your brilliant and exclusively radiant nails?

vishwasta bahirantarvyApta

vishwa vishnu vashatkAra

sarvagnya nirdOsha suguNi aaha

ravikOTi amita sakAMtiyim jvalisuve

vishwatOmkha sarvasAkshi swataMtra

You reside insides the entire universe and also pervade everywhere outside too. You are glorified as “Vishwa Vishnu Vashatkaara” with the thousand names of the Vishnu Sahasranama. The Sahasra is not just a thousand but much more. Thousands and thousands…… You are the all-knower, free from defects, full of great gunas,having the effulgence of a thousand suns, but with a mellowed light which is inspiring and cooling at the same time. Your face is in the entire universe and You see everything firsthand, being the direct witness of everything. You are the only Independent entity.

naranalla nararUpadhAri

nee mrigavallavu simhavad rUpa

naramirgagaLali nee samanu aaha

dhare divi pAtAla jaMtu sarvAMtasta

uru jNAna balarUpa anaMta nI Eka

You are not a man, neither are You a lion. Yet you took a form that is both man and lion. You are the same in all the creatures being completely auspicious and You are the Only One who exists in all the creatures. Those that move on earth, those that flu, those that live underground etc, You exist in them all, and give them their existence. You are of unparalleled knowledge,strength. Your infiniteness is totally unique and is limited to only Yourself. None else can claim such preeminence

na eMdare sarvavaMdya

ra eMdare sukha jnAna

sim eMdare guNasAra aaha

iMdirApati mahadaishvarya rUpanu

ha eMdare nIne pUrNa nirdOsha

Each syllables of Your name is meaningful. As one chants the first syllable – You ensure that they obtain knowledge and bliss, the second syllable and the latent good character comes the fore, the final syllable gives complete flawlessness. Being the bimba He is the doer. As Acharya Madhwa has proclaimed- “nahi pratibimbasya kriyaa, bimba kriya aiva kriyaavaan ” So by contemplated on the auspicious attributes of the indweller, bimba one is enabled by the Lord to reflect the same attributes to the extent that one is capable of at that time, as per one’s inherent nature.

From the above one can observe that Narasimha arranges for the jiva to experience bliss by giving the opportunity to perform sadhana and then showers bliss. Isn’t it His immense compassion on the souls ?

bhUtAdi dushTagrahagaLa

kadrUjAdi sarva vishava

nI dayadi pariharipe aaha

bhakta janrige nI shubhavittu akaala

mrityuva tariva rakshaka namO emBe

Chanting the name of the Lord Narasimha removes the evil effects of our bad karmas in previous births which are indicated by the planetary positions in our birth charts. He removes the poisonous effects of serpents and snakes.

O potent protector, who can take me away from death, (cycle of birth and death) and take me to the heights of bliss as per my inherent nature! I bow down to You again and again.

dvAtriMsha chaturvimshAksharada

maMtra gAyatri pratipAdya

vratatijAsana maMtra rishiyu aaha

adhikArigalu idanu shravana paTana mADe

bhIti mOhava biDisi nikhilEshTa vIve

You are the sole Supreme who glory is contemplated and sung in the six syllable, eight syllable and 24 syllable mantras like Gayatri. Brahma who is born from the lotus in Your navel is the rishi for these mantras and You grace the eligible people who listen and chant these mantra. You annhilate their fears and attachments and shower all the lwishes inherent in their minds.

jaya jaya narasimhaswAmi

jaya jaya sarvgnya bhUman

jaya mahA tejObalavIryaaaha

jaya purushOttama vEdAdi surariMda

IjyapUjyanu driDabhaktiyim mudadi

O my victorious master Narasimha, who is the infinitely complete knower of everything at all times, who is completely full of radiance, strength and unvanquishable valour. You are glorified as  Purushottama in the Vedas and the devathas always sing Your glory. You are the only unique One who can receive the prayers and prostrations of all, who should be worshipped with complete faith and devotion and with a feeling of exhilaration.

nAra uru guNasiMda

narasimha suprItanAgo

chirajnAna bhaktiya satata Aha

parasamarillada bali ninnali dhyAna

tIvra prerisu enage anaMta anuttama

You are free from flaws, an ocean of auspicious attributes O narasimha, be pleased with my  devotional endeavours and bestow ever lasting knowledge, devotion and complete trust in Your great abilities. O One of infinite powers-Anantha, who remains the imperial master for all times ,Please inspire complete concentration in my contemplations on Your mighty attributes .

prOdyaarkanibhA dIptvAda

vartula urunEtratrayavu

hastadwayavu jAnuvarigu aaha

sudarshini shaMkhi mahAlakshmiyuta kOTi

AdityAdhikatEja utkrishTa shakta

O Narasimha ,with three round brilliant eyes resembling the radiant rising sun,two hands reaching upto the knee, arms holding the Shanka and Shakra and bearing Mahalakshmi on Your chest, Your matchless mighty strength,radiance and emanene are such that even a crore sun’s cannot compare with.

This verse gives the dhyana roopafor this mantra. Understanding that His attributes are effortlessly unmatched by multiples of any objects which may have a tiny amount of that attribute when compared to him is one of the contemplations indicated. The majesty of the form  with the most charismatic features is to be contemplated on along with the auspicious attributes.

mIna kamaTa krODa nrihari

mANava parashvi sudhanvi

krishNa budda kalki sharaNa aaha

vanaruhana tAta prasanna shrInivAsa

anishTaha ishTadA enage daya vAgo

O Nrihari, You are the one who have come to the aid of Your devotees in different forms, all of them completely auspiscious, always being the Only trustworthy shelter for all. You took the forms of Meena(Matsya avatar), KamaTa(Kurma avarar), KrODa(Varaha avatar), Nrihari, Vamana,Parashurama, Rama, Krishna , Buddha and Kalki. In all of these avataras You portrayed Your wonderful attributes of removing the distress of Your devotees and showering them with their wishes. I entreat You, O Prasanna Shreenivasa, the father of Brahma, please shower Your compassion on us. 

shreekara nArAyaNa mantra

Kannada script for this song is included at the bottom.

guNavArinidhi anagha uttama mahAprabhuve

ninage namO shreekara nArAyaNane namO

This is a devaranama by Prasanna Shreenivasa Dasaru where He describes the form of the Lord Hari which is the propitated diety of the Brihati Sahasra mantra. It is a special mantra which bestows all the earnest dharmic desires of the bhakta. The contemplation is on the Lord Narayana who has Lakshmi on His lap and is seated on Garuda. He holds the Sun,Moon ,kambu(conch), Chakra, shankha nidhi, padmanidhi in his arms. He is also showering his devotees with wealth in the form of riches,gold, diamonds and gems. The form to be meditated on as well as the auspicious attributes to be contemplated are described very well in this mantra. The word “mantra” itself means that one who engages in contemplation on it would become free of  troubles and tribulations and be blessed with wealth and prosperity. Here the word Shree has many meanings which is an exposition of the bounties that He bestows on His devotees.It is well described in the second charanam.

However much one contemplates, one cannot exhaust His gunas, rather even one guna of the Lord cannot be known completely.Such are His limitless capabilities. He is an ocean of auspicious attributes , each one of them infinite in nature. He is thus flawless as His gunas are not bound by space, time or dependence on any factors for their expression. His elevation is boundless in all aspects and causes the upliftment of beings. He is hence “mahAprabhuh” the master who bestows “elevation/upliftment” in all aspects of life as well as more subtler aspects for the soul. I bow down to You O shreekara Narayana! I am a non-entity but for Your wonderful grace as You cause the auspicious attributes in each soul to flower, You cause the stores of papa in the inner mind(antahkaraNa) to be destroyed, You are most Superior and the highest authority in granting upward,positive movement for the soul.


chetAnachetanarige uttamaashrayanu

uttama umEshaDi bhAratiguttama vAyu

Ataguttame sirige uttamOttishTa

He is the highest of the highest of the highest. He is the Supreme being and the most eminent shelter of all sentient and insentient sustaining their very existence. There is no one else who can confer such bountiful grace by being the designer ,creator and sustainer of the universe. He is reffered to as  “sarvAdhara, sarvAshraya” by Jagannatha Dasaru in Harikathamruthasaara. He is also called as “aadhara” as well as “adheya”,”bhArabrit” which describe His comprehensive powers of sustainence. A thing which requires the support is adheya and which supports is “AdhAra”. But the Lord is both! What does this mean? The soul is unble to even seek such support. It is the Lord who resides in the soul and enables the contact with the body which then becomes the support for the jiva to exist in samsara. The body may appear to be the shelter for us, but to seek the shelter of the body or to remain in that shelter is not within our forte. He being adheyA enables us to take shelter in the body. Such is His enormous and wonderful grace. These are some of the reasons that Dasaru refers to this Lord as the “uttama Ashraya” for both sentient and insentient beings. Not just that , He has no benefits from being such a shelter, neither is He bound to offer such shelter, Yet He does so out of His compassion for the souls.

 He is sole resort of even Lakshmi and His station is the highest, much much above Lakshmi, who is above Vayu and Vayu is above Bharathi, Bharati is above Umesha. Such is His sway on all superior beings too as He remains Superior to all being the very cause of their very existence too. Here also one can see that these superior dieties who are our shelter in various aspects are also sheltered by Hari and hence He is most Superior shelter for all, not having such dependence for existence, knowledge and action. The ancients describe Him as the Sarvothama because of Him having “swataMtra satta, pramiti ,pravriti” .

shree eMDare jnAna sukhapUrNa lakhsmistha

ka eMdare AnaMda shata sukhAMtastha

ra eMdare swarata sukhaprada sukhAshrayanu

iMdirEshane emage soubhAgya veeyO

In this verse Dasaru explains the meaning of the word “shreekara” in detail. The word “Shree” means one who is complete in knowledge and bliss. Such is the elevated position of Lakshmi and He resides in her, giving her bliss,making her bestow knowledge and bliss on the deserving. He is completely full of bliss and His bliss is of the highest kind and that too boundless at that. The syllable “ra” declares that this kind of unique bliss is found only in Him as He is swarata, means He is enjoys on His own without any need for another entity. It is also true that there is none who can be the cause of His bliss. He is not only the sole enjoyer but also the provider of bliss to other eligible entities. How so  ? It is because He is the source of all bliss. If anyone is to experience any bliss then He has to be the enjoyer inside them and cause them to enjoy . Enjoyment of all others is the effect of Paramatma being the inner controller and making them  enjoy.

O Indiresha, the Lord of Indira, please grant us fortune.One may wonder why Dasaru is seeking fortune? What kind of fortune is it that he is seeking on behalf of the good people? The answer has already been explained by giving the meaning of “Shree” as bliss and knowledge. And He is the cause for it,yet does not need interaction with anyone to enjoy and is the original source and origin of blss. The fortune Dasaru seeks is the wealth of knowledge and bliss which is a natural outcome of chanting this mantra and contemplating on the form and gunas of Shreekara Narayana who is completely flawless and replete with  auspicious attributes.

swAha Atmanu swavasha sarvavashi shreepanu

hari hamsa nirdosha brahma nArAyana

aharnishi ee reeti ninna smarisuva janake

ihaparadi nikhia sukha aishwaryaveeve

He is the inner controller who removes distress, who has each and every being under His supreme control. He is the master of Shree too. He is “Hamsa” – the pure one, nirdosha- the flawless one, Brahma- the most elevated being, Narayana- who has limitless auspicious attributes which are unbounded by time and space. Dasaru declares that whoever seeks to surrender to such a Supreme Lord shall surely be bestowed with all the happiness ,bliss and command  of all types of wealth in the here and now as well in the here-after. This is the greatest of assurances. It is the dearest advice to a sincere seeker as He clearly says that whatsoever may be sought shall be bestowed in the present and future by this benevolent Lord, the condition being contemplation as per  on His infinite gunas. The lead for such contemplation is very aptly indicated in the first two line of this charanam.

“swaha” – who is the owner of all energies,strengths and who has the power to demolish all negative energies. And this same Lord resides inside everyone-Atma as well as pervades everywhere-Atma. Such a Lord is not bound by anyone or anything. He does and makes other do because of His own innate nature of compassion and the infinite abilities to effect the sentients and lead them to a state of flawlessness which is the most sought after state. He is the owner and and controller of all wealth and is the consort of Shree. He is “Hari” who removes the distress of his devotees This is His exclusive privilege.Why so?  He is “hamsa” who is innately flawless and is the treasure house of auspicious attributes How so? Is there not any other entity named Hamsa? None can have this name independently as He is the only one who is “swavasha” and being so ,He is “Nirdosha” . He neither is dependent on anyone, nor does His internal state of bliss ever change, nor does He have any loss of body or spirit. It is no wonder that the scriptures refer to Him as “Brahma”. Brahma means the highest or the best of the best. He is the Supreme in all the auspicious attributes. Why so? It is because His auspiciousness is not dependent. It is changeless and under His control . He controls all other and they depend on Him for their very existence? So how can anyone be greater than Him? Summing up all these gunas Dasaru arrives at the name of the Lord which is truly only His and never anyone else’s. It is”nArAyaNa”.

ravi sOma kambu ari shaMka nidhi padmanidhi

divya hastagaLalli shObitavAguMtu

dravya hATaka ratna dhana koDuva karagalu

dEvi shree hree saha garuDaMsasaMstha

His form to be contemplated on is described here. Dasaru says “He holds the sun and moon in His hands.” This implies that He has the time under his control. He has the knowledge under His control. He has the ability of perception of every sentient under His control. He is the destroyer of foes and the bestower of knowledge. He is the storehouse of peace , bliss and detachment. He is the storehouse of all wealth. His arms are well decorated and He has hands which bestow all the things, gold, jewels and wealth. He is to be visualised along with Lakshmi on His lap and seated on Garuda.

“garuda gamana bandanO nOdiro bega garuDa gamana bandanO

garuda gamana dharaNiyind opputa karadu baarennuta varagaLa beeruta….”

is a part of a composition of Shri Purandara dasaru where Dasaru speaks of Narayana along with Lakshmi going to the aid of the devotee and bestowing grace.

meenAdi roopa tvad mastakAdyaMgadi

inagamita  deepta aabharaNa jvalisutive

vanaruhAsana tAta shreekara prasanna

shreenivasane svarNavarNa naMo sharaNu

He is the same Lord who has taken ten avatars and ,much more. His from from head to toe is extremely brilliant and outshines and sun. His form is decorated with matchless jewels and His effulgence is radiant. He who is the cause for the prosperity of beings is the father of Brahma and is the same as my loving master Prasanna Shreenivasa. He has a golden hue which signifies His limitless purity and brilliance. I surrender to Him in all humility .

Dasaru indicates that all the Lord’s roopas are indifferent from each other and remain flawless and complete always. He is original source of this universe and is the granter of wealth (described in detail in verse2). The word “namo” – ma has become mo givng a persistent weightage to the syllable “ma” which is an abbreviation of “mama”. When one says “na” and “mo” it means “Not me, Not mine…” acknowledging the surrender of the ego which is deeply rooted . This a pre-requisite for a sadhaka’s efforts to be fruitful in securing the grace of the Lord. Then after that “He says -Surrender”  I am not even capable of saying “I surrender”. It is You who are the inspirer and the doer. So I seek shelter in You.”

ಶ್ರೀಕರ ನ್ನಾರಯಣ ಮಂತ್ರ
ಗುಣವಾರಿನಿಧಿ ಅನಘ ಉತ್ತಮ ಮಹಾಪ್ರಭುವೆ
ಶ್ರೀಕರ ನಾರಾಯಣನೆ ಶರಣು
ಚೇತನಾಚೆನರಿಗುತ್ತಮ ಆಶ್ರಯನು
ಉತ್ತಮ ಉಮೇಶಾದಿ ಭಾರತಿಗುತ್ತಮ ವಾಯು ಆಟಗುತ್ತಮ
ಆತಗುತ್ತಮ ಸಿರಿಗೆ ಉತ್ತಮೊತಿಷ್ಠ
ಶ್ರೀ ಎಂದರೆ  ಜ್ಞಾನ ಸುಖ ಪೂರ್ಣ ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಿಸ್ಥ
ಕ ಎಂದರೆ ಆನಂದ ಶತ ಸುಖಾಂತಸ್ಥ
ರ ಎಂದರೆ ಸ್ವರತ ಸುಖಮಯ ಸುಖಪ್ರದನು
ಇಂದಿರೆಶನೆ  ಎನಗೆ ಸೌಭಾಗ್ಯವೀಯೊ
ಸ್ವಾಹಾ ಆತ್ಮನು  ಸ್ವವಶ ಸರ್ವವಶಿ  ಶ್ರೀಪನು
ಹರಿ ಹಂಸ ನಿರ್ದೋಷ ಬ್ರಹ್ಮ ನಾರಾಯಣ
ಅಹರ್ನಿಶಿ ಈ ರೀತಿ ನಿನ್ನ ಸ್ಮರಿಸುವ ಜನಕೆ
ಇಹಪರದಿ ನಿಖಿಲ ಸುಖ ಐಶ್ವರ್ಯವೀವೆ
ರವಿ ಸೋಮ ಕಂಬು ಅರಿ ಶಂಖನಿಧಿ  ಪದ್ಮನಿಧಿ
ದಿವ್ಯ ಹಸ್ತಗಳಲಿ ಶೋಬಿತವಾಗುಂಟು
ದ್ರವ್ಯ, ಹಾಟಕ ರತ್ನ ಧನ ಕೊಡುವ ಕರಗಳು
ದೇವಿ ಶ್ರೀ ಹ್ರೀ ಸಹ ಗರುಡಾಂಸಂಸ್ಥ
ಮೇನಾದಿ ರೂಪ ತ್ವದ್ ಮಸ್ತಕಾದ್ಯಂಗದಿ
ಇನಗಮಿತ ದೀಪ್ತ ಆಭರಣ ಜ್ವಲಿಸುತಿವೆ
ವನರುಹಾಸನ ತಾತ ಶ್ರೀಕರ ಪ್ರಸನ್ನ
ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸನೆ ಸ್ವರ್ಣ ವರ್ಣ ನಮೋ ಶರಣು

Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru

One of the most profound thoughts can be found in the krithis of this dasaru. His works describe Madhwa’s siddanta in all its glory focusing on the single most important theme for a sadhaka which is Hari’s gunapoornatva and his doshaduratva, that He is completely full of flawless auspicious attribtutes which are non-different from him. He is a great philosopher and poet who is of very recent times. I am very much moved by his writings and hence wanted to start a blog to write about his writings. His poems on each name of the thousand names of Vishnu are really fantastic. Keeping in mind that the Shastra dictates that knowledge of the glory while reciting the name is essential to obtain the full blast of the Lord’s grace and that is possible here. One name can hardly trigger a lot of meanings for a layman.  One who has no idea of the Brihati sahasra nor of the various wonderful dhatus of the Sanskrit language has no way to remember these different meanings except by actually learning them by heart. This maybe impractical. When you read the Vishnusahasranama along with the verses to explain each nama, one will be moved to see the Lord’s grace on us as well as His great glory in the universe.

Indeed ,Purandara dasaru has not sung in vain,”Jaganmohanane Krishna jaganvane paalipane””O Krishna, the one who makes the world wonder, even as He protects and sustains it”.

He is not just the most mysterious attractive force(it is the meaning of Krishna) in the universe but becomes more mysterious as He is declared to the be the designer and protector of everyone and everything.

Shree Jagannata dasaru in the Harikathamurtha saara says

bimbaroopanu ee teradi jadapombasuru modaladavaro

ladgimbugondihanendaritu dharmaata kamagala hambalisad

anudina vishwakutumbi kotta kannana

kutsita kambaliyesoubagyavendavangrigala bhajisu

“The Supreme controller, whose image everything IS is

Beginning from the highest jiva-Brahma to the insentient objects

Know this, and don’t hanker for anything at all

Accept everything as the father of the universe’s bountiful gift

It may be a mere shawl or a handful of rice

And bow down in humble acceptance of his will

As the mystery unfolds with each nama, Hari is the most compassionate friend that anyone can hope to have and He is ever ready to come forward to help us, should we so wish it. Our wish takes the form of words sung in His worship and to express His glory.

This is done very aptly by Shree Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru. I wish to open this great secret box for those who want to benefit by it. I shall be posting a few verses of this great work and sharing it with those of you who are interested to participate . We shall together take a peep into the glory of Paramatma not just as described in the scriptures but by linking those gunas of God to the great unexplained wonders in the world. As mentioned earlier I once again welcome you all to contribute any relevant quotes, any clippings of videos or any poetic verses from the Haridasa sahitya or even just your own words to express it.