45)shri vidhaatre namah-Exclusive bestower and bearer

uttama stotragala sweekarisi dharisuvi nee

vidhaata namah chandogama garudavaahananae

shruthi smritigalinda samstutya aashrayanu neenu

muktarugalige aashrayanu sukhadaata neene

My obeisances to Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa Dasaru who reveals the glory of Vishnu using the simple words of Kannada.

“O vidhAtre! You accept the offerings of words of truth, which are of a truly elevated nature and enable the person who made the offering to experience the benefits You deem fit. Your glory is revealed by the Vedas and You can be known as per one’s ability only from them. Even so, just a study of the Vedas will not be sufficient, You yourself should see it fit to grace Your devotee’s heart and then You come travelling in the fastest vehicle of all -Garuda. You are the best and sought after shelter of all those who believe in You. The sages and savants who are the instruments of handing down knowledge through shruthis and smrithis – hearing, listening, understanding and then handing them over to the next generation of saints. Those in the realised state, know You to be their sole shelter and as the one who bestows and sustains their bliss.The very fact that they are in the such a blissful state is a proof of Your grace and Your vast flawless abilities.”

The Bhagavatham documents the doings of VidhAta in detail. Take up any incident of a bhakta and You can see VidhAta in action.

PrahalAda believed and experienced “vidhAta”. He was fearless when tumulted into many a harrowing situation by his own father who despised him for his true love of Narayana, the Supreme one.

Dhruva experienced the grace of “vidhAta” . He received much more than he thought he needed when he set out to seek the grace of Hari.

Draupadi who believed in Krishna’s extraordinary abilities which were totally flawless and independent, received grace when she surrendered to Him as her only shelter.

The incidents that are documented in the Puranas and itihasas are aplenty. The lives of the great saints and Haridasas of the Madhwa tradition , when examined closely reveal the true glory of “vidhAta”.

Shri Jagannatha dasaru sought succour from a disease of the body and he found the medicine for treating the ailments afflicting the soul- bhavarOga. He approached the guru who believed in VidhAta and had a store of experiences in his different appearances as Prahalada and Vyasaraja. He approached the Parama guru who revealed the true nature of God and who was completely free from any kind of negative influence at any point in time. He was uplifted by “vidhAtA”.

ninna nA Ashrayisuvenu  nigamagOcharane nityA… Shri Purandara Dasaru

neenupEksha mADidare bere gati yAr enage ….Shri Purandara dasaru

He resides inside us and is ever ready to uplift us. We need to understand His true nature, albeit in a limited manner and yet grace comes without fail.

“oMde kUgaLAte vaikuMTA saMdEha villavo sAdu sajjanarige…” Shri Purandara dasaru

muktarugalige aashrayanu sukhadaata neene….. talks of the soul’s eternal dependence on this Supreme master. He is the shelter in Mukti also and makes the jiva experience bliss there . The VSN says ,’muktAnAm paramAmgatih”

My sincere obeisances to my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharyaru who inspires and enables an exploration of the gunas of Hari . The seeker’s earnestness is all that counts.

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44)shri dhAtre namah!-The powerful Supreme who carries/bears everything

sweekarisi dharisi nee rakshisi pOshipa daata

baagi shira namO embe shreesha vEdesha sarvesha

EkAtma shrikarane brahmanadharisi nAbhiya

sukamaladi janmavittu porevi naarayana

You accept and nourish. I bow down to You , O consort of Shree, the Supreme being extolled by the Vedas and the controller of everyone and everything. You are the one and only such. There is none like You. You bestow wealth of various kinds on Your devotees. You bore Brahma in the beautiful lotus giving it existence from Your navel.

What acceptance is this “sweekarisi” referring to?It could be the plea for grace from the ardent devotee or it could be a devout offering from the devotee. Both have their place in God’s compassionate dealings.

iMdu ninna moreya hokke endigAdarenna poreyo shrinivAsane

The above is a beginning of a song by Shri Purandara dasaru. He says ,” I have sent in my pleas today, it is Your protection that I seek . He quietly conveys his staunch belief that there is no doubt about protection coming forth. It will come, as per one’s eligibility.

Jagannatha dasaru has said ,” koTTudanu kaikoMba oMdarekshaNa biTTagala…”

“Hari accepts the offering given to Him earnestly and bestows protection which is one of a kind. He never leaves the side of His devotee even for half a moment.”

manadoLage suMdara padArtava nenedu koDe kaikoMba…. koTTavaranu sadA santaisuvanu..”

“When a devotee offers beautiful things which one contemplates in one’s mind, Hari accepts them and bestows endless benefits on the devotee.”

Prasanna Shreenivasa Dasaru says, ” I bow down to You, O shreesha, Vedesha, sarvEsha” .In the context of “dhAtre” we look at each of these sambodhana’s used by Dasaru.

One who is able to accept the pleas of others and bestow protection or fruits  must be mighty and powerful. He who accepts the pleas of all devotees from time immemorial to infinity must be infinitely powerful. That is one of the meanings of “shreesha” Shri meaning -sampattu- wealth.”Infinite power/independence is the true wealth. All others depend on Him for any kind of wealth like, a body, mind, sense organs and the abilities to use them. ” Jagannatha dasaru has said ,”janapa mechchidarIva danavAhana vibhushana vasana bhUmiya…. tanu managalittAdariparuMTeno…….anavarata nenevavara anantAsanave modalAdAlayadolu…..” He bestows what none can. He protects and allows the jiva’s swabhava /innate nature to unfold. Finally when the jiva understands Him as the meaning of all sound, as the meaning of all words as Vedesha, He bestows the soul with aparOksha jnAna and such a chosen one receives the knowledge that He is sarvEsha .”The very same master who is my inner controller is the controller of each and every entity and thing.”

vittadEhAgAra dArA

patyamitrAdigaLoLage guNa

chittabuddhyadiMdriyagaLoLu j~nAnakaRmadoLu

tattadAhvayanAgi karesuta


nityadali tA mADimADipaneMdu smarisutiru.HKAS_05-10

shrIsha- All wealth is a means to reach Him. All wealth exists because of His grace. He is the sole owner of all wealth.

vEdesha- All knowledge culminates in the knowledge of His Superiority and independence. He is the master of all knowledge and reveals to each one as per their eligibily . Goal of study is to know Him as per one’s abilities.

sarvEsha – He is the master of wealth and knowledge. The entire infinite attributes possible are a form of wealth and He knows each and every minute being in all its states for all time. Hence bestows each one with the exact experience that one deserves at that time. There is no lack of resources for Him-shreesha, there is no lack of knowledge for Him – One need never feel that one’s good deeds will not be noticed, neither will the bad deeds be ignored. His infinite consciousness makes each and every one of the infinite souls accountable to Him.

Further all of us human beings feel bent under the weight of our responsibilities which we seemingly do not shine through.We always feel that it could have been done better, said better, heard better etc etc. There seems to be a lack in our doings which adds to the burden. Indeed our doings affect all those who are close to us and hence the burden multiplies. Contemplation on “dhAtre namah!”

 This upasana of Hari as our bimba muruti/inner controller who is the actual one who carries everything and sees to everything making us just the instrument, then the burden on our mind lifts . He who carries the entire Brahmanda with all the souls including the highest one Brahma carries everything effortlessly . The moment we accept our inability to actually carry anything at all, we are delivered from our anxiety and burdens and are able to live life with a light heart. All guilt and regret is washed off . Fresh enthusiasm to become His instrument in this universe wells up inside our hearts and life becomes a journey filled with peaceful acceptance.He is the one who unloads the weight of anxiety and worry and one can rest assured that He will do the needful, the best possible outcomes will be delivered to each and every soul based on their eligibility to obtain or enjoy.

Shri Purandara dasaru has said,

“chinte yaake mADuttiddi chinmayaniddaane

chintA ratnavembo anantaniddAne”


42)Shree mahAswanAya namah! Eternal,infinite sound of knowledge!

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jnAnavAgiha mahAdhana prada mahAswane

ninage namO namO paramapUjya nee sarvagnya

AmnAya rugaadi sadAgamagalinda jnEya nee

vijnAna aparOksha vIvi bhaktarge hayasheersha

Paramatma’s avatars address the two main purposes which can never be fulfilled by others completely – jnAna kaarya and bala kArya.He disburses jnAna and thrashes the wicked both outwardly as well as in the minds of the good people by flashing the light of jnAna inside.  Krishna avatar is an exemplary avatar which is very close to us being just 5000 years ago. It is an endearing avatara and the very simple daily activities of Krishna during is childhood provide solace to the disturbed minds in Kali yuga. It is no wonder ,He is referred to as “bhuvana pAvana charita punya shravana keerthana…” by Shri Jagannatha dasaru.  To listen to His glories itself requires a requisite amount of jnaana by His grace which enables one to understand the fleeting nature of the world and choose to spend time on the glories of Hari who is eternal, flawless and compassionate.

He has given the fountain of knowledge in the form of Bhagavad Gita, Uddav gita , Anu gita and much more .He provides jnAna to the deserving , as He enables them to filter the noise from the sound and accept the glory of God in each and every sound that they hear.

Shri Madhwaacharyaru has said,”Every sound  is an epithet of God.”(Oft quoted by my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharyaru). Even the sound of the lizard as it chirps should alert one to the glory of Hari. After all when we have no words to describe a wonder we also chirp……. in an attempt to express it.

Shri Vijayadasaru has said ,”sAdhanake bage kANennabahude …. keluvA shabdagalu ninne keerthaneyu….”

Sound fills the created world all the time .Why so ? As long as there is some kind of life, there is movement and vibration. These by itself cause sound without the different forms of life filling up the environment with sounds from their vocal chords, or beaks, mouths etc. Each of these sounds are capable of disclosing Hari’s glory to the discerning year. That is what is said by Vijayadasaru in the above song. But it can be heard and deciphered as Hari’s glory only through the grace of  Hari through the guru.

Dasaru sings the glory of such a form of Hari in a devotional fervour stating ” You are mahAswana, the giver of the highest form of wealth-jnAna . I bow down to You repeatedly and seek Your grace. Your are complete  in jnAna and there is nothing that You do not know. Everything is known to You without bounds of time, space or entities. You are the cause for everything , yet remain undisclosed. You can be known only through the Apourusheya texts like the Vedas .When one conducts such a study as ordained by You, You grace them with special knowledge of Your roopas and kriyas and bestow Your vision on them. I remain truly mesmerised by this flowing compasison of Yours, Oh Hari, O mahaswanah!”

The knowledge which is secured is bestowed by Him and the fruit of knowledge is His vision also bestowed by Him. Further to enable one to acquire such knowledge He resides in the guru as “Hayagreeva” and spurs our minds in the right direction at the right speed to understand a little of His glory as per our abilities. All sounds are charged with His presence and He sings the truth all the time – mahAswanah!



41)Shree pushkarAkshAya namah!

ninaganya pushTikararyAriharu avaranna

nee nirAsamADi pushTikararinyAru illade

nInAgiye iruvi pushkarAkshane namO embe

vanajAksha asama udAra pOshana samartha

Shri Purandara Dasaru has described the exclusive quality of Hari as being totally exclusive in the devaranama.

i pariya sobhagu inyaava devarali naa kANe

gOpi janapriya gOpAlagallade

Sri Purandara dasaru echoes the meaning of  “pushkarAkshA” in this song.

All the days when we were really tired and fatigued. It is “pushkarAksha” Swami who uplifted us with boosts of energy both to our body as well as our mind. Whenever we find our energy sapping we think , ok a nice nap will repair this, a drink of milo,coffee or tea will energise me.The actual truth is that the infinte power which is the energy behind any other energy we know of, is “PushkarAksha”. There is no other independent source of energy.

Bhagavad Gita 15th chapter ,He declares..

aham Aditya gatam teja,jagat bhasayate….

aham vaishwanaro bhUtva,prANiNam deham ashritah……

rasOham apsu kaunteya….

These are just a few phrases which proclaim His overlordship on action as well as the energy for action.

Science tells us ,The sun is the source of our energy. The ancients discerned the truth behind the sun’s energy as the inifinite Supreme.

Let’s examine some sources of energy and understand how they are actually not the absolute sources of energy . If they were , they would have the same effect on all but such is not the case. The very thought of a cup of coffee may energise some, after the drink we are able to carry on for some more time,is the experience of others while it has no effect on others. They don’t even want to drink it. ?If coffee was a source of comfort independently by itself, it would be so for everyone at all times but that is not seen to be so. It is obviously the way the mind has been trained to think due to repeated and constant association. Even so,the chemical composition of coffee itself is seen to be from the bean. The bean is not designed by any human hand. It is existing since the world came to be and was discovered by humans some time in the past. This is true for any refreshing food or drink as the individual person thinks or feels. As the energy, design and effects are all from the one and same original source- purshkarAksha…..

Energy in the form of food and water enters our bodies, gets digested,waste is eliminated and the glucose is then converted to energy. These intricate proccesses go on inside our body without our being aware of them, or our control. If there is a problem in the process then there is a problem with our energy levels. Each and everyone of this is addressed by that infinite source of energy and intelligence -“pushkarAkshaaya”. There is none who is independent of this source. That is what is clearly experienced by the learned or aware. Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru has stated that in quite clear terms and somewhat vehemently to instill this beyond doubt.

Who is there , other than You who can energise others?

This rehtorical sentence is affirming His independence as the source of all energy, thought and action. Then Dasaru says ,” In case there are some beings who seek to portray that they are not dependent on You but are independent , they are soon shown that they are not.”

For example , The Bhagavatha  narrates the stories of Hari’s glory and His compassion on devotees. At the same time, the proud,wicked and fradulent people have suffered humilation and death at His hands. That is His promise to the good people .”Victory is ensured if one does the right thing inspite of circumstances.”

Hiranyakashipu who exulted in pride and sought to subdue Prahlada’s words of truth proclaiming the independence of Hari met his death at the hands of “pushkarAksha”.

Hirangyakashipu ,surprised at Prahlada’s tolerance of his misdeeds, lack of retaliation or even covering with fear at his wicked threats asked him ,”Who is giving you this energy to withstand all this and speak against me for what you beleive in? ” To that Prahlada replied ,”He is the same Hari who is giving you the energy to do and say anything at all…” What a wonderful statement! What confidence in “pushkarAksha- bhaktrakshaka” ,’pushkarAksha-pushTi neeDuvava”.

ninaganya pushTikararannu nee nirAsa mADi purshTikararinyaaru illade neenaagiye iruvi…. Here Dasaru says ,”There is no one who lives or exists without Your benovelent presence inside them.At the same time, there is no one who provides support of any kind to You to exist . Your existence is itself one of a kind without a second, as it is of true flawless bliss independent of anyone or anything. Your eyes are lovely like the lotus and contemplating on Your beautiful eyes bring peace and happiness to the sadhaka as it bestows Your grace. Let Your compassionate glance grace me is the innermost earnest wish of the devotee and that is what Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru is visualising on behalf of the devotees as well. You are completely capable of supporting and sustaining this universe. This is Your generous gift to the souls.

My repeated obeisances to You O PushkarAksha, Make me energised in my spiritual endeavour and bestow that bhakti/emotional fervour with reverence towards to You for all time. My earnest prostrations to my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharyaru for showing us the opening up of the word to us layman in seeking the glory of Hari.

40) shri AdityAya namah!The Supreme who accepts our meagre worship with compassion

udAra vistAra modalu maryAde ullava

Aditya namO bhakti supujegaLa koLLo shreesha

AdityAMtastanAgiruvavane Aditya neenu

aditi suta vAmana upEndra namO namaste

ಉದಾರ ವಿಸ್ಥಾರ ಮೊದಲು ಮರ್ಯಾದೆ ಉಳ್ಳವ
ಆದಿತ್ಯ ನಮೋ ಭಕ್ತಿ ಸುಪೂಜೆಗಳ ಕೊಳ್ಳೋ ಶ್ರೀಶ
ಆದಿತ್ಯಾನಂಟಸ್ತನಾಗಿರುವವನೇ ಆದಿತ್ಯ ನೀನು
ಅದಿತಿ ಸುತ ವಾಮನ ಉಪೇಂದ್ರ ನಮೋ ನಮಸ್ತೆ

“O Aditya, You are the most capable Supreme who  receives the foremost and extensive worship .  O Aditya I bow down in surrender to Your Supreme independence, please accept the worship offered with intense devotion to You. You reside inside Aditya and give Aditya the ability to shine resplendently day after day dispersing darkness and spreading light and hope. You are Aditya also because You appeared as Vamana, Upendra the son of Aditi and Kashyapa.

He is the only One who is eligible to receive extensive worship by one and all .

Shri Madhwaacharyaru has said ,

“vande vandyam sadAnandam vAsudevam niranjanam

indirApati mAdhyAdi varadEsha varapradam”

He bestows grace on the higher deities who are worshippable by others lower than them in abilities . Even mahAlakshmi who bestows grace on her devotees is always engaged in His worship.

even though He does not require any of the offerings offered by anyone , being “swaramaNa, nitya tripta” . Yet, He accepts the offerings of His devotees and bestows bountiful grace on them.

iTTikallanu bhakutiyiMdali

koTTa bhakutage mechchi tannane

koTTa baDabrAhmaNana oppiDiyavaligakhiLARtha…2.12

He accepts the worship of His devotee with utmost delight as seen from Jagannatha dasaru’s description in the Karuna sandhi..

malagi paramAdaradi pADalu

kuLitu kELuva kuLitu pADalu

niluva niMtare naliva nalidare olive nimageMba

sulabhanO hari tannavaranara

ghaLige biTTagalanu ramAdhava

nolisalariyade pAmararu baLaluvaru bhavadoLage…… HKAS_02-05

Shri Purandara Dasaru describes the Lord’s compassion on His devotees  ,”Just a call away is the city of Vaikunta for the sadhus and sajjanas.”

onde koogalate vaikunta

sandEhavillavo saadhu sajjanarige

Hari is every mindful of His devotee’s innermost yearnings. He listens to every whisper in our heart and attends to it, not that we are every entitled to it, not because we have earned it through prayer ,worship or offerings but just because of His benevolence. He is “Aditya” always in the ready to bestow benefactions on those who surrender everything to Him as His worship.

Shri Krishna declares in the fifteenth chapter of the gita

yad aditya-gatam tejo
jagad bhasayate ‘khilam
yac candramasi yac cagnau
tat tejo viddhi mamakam…  12

“Know, that I am the source of the radiant splendour of the sun which is able to dispel darkness and illuminate the entire world , the radiance of the moon and the fiery energy in the fire .”

You appeared as Vamana to enable Bali to get on with his sadhana. His current status was one of excessive pride of ownership and doership which was well and truly trounced by Vamana. The devotion of Bali in the long term came in handy to help him overcome his faults. Indeed,That is the Lord’s grace.

I bow down in reverence to my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharyaru who has given us this comprehension of the Supreme and changed our outlook towards every action.


39) Shree Shambhave namah!

AnaMda utpAdaka stAnanAgiruvaMta shaMbu

ninage namO sukhanidhe AnaMdOdrekadiMda

Ananda leelAvatAra jagat shrishTAdigalannu

nIne mADi sAdhanagaisi sukha odagisuvi

ಆನಂದ ಉತ್ಪಾದಕ ಸ್ಥಾನನಾಗಿರುವಂಥ ಶಂಭು
ನಿನಗೆ ನಮೋ ಸುಖನಿಧೇ ಆನಂದೋದ್ರೇಕದಿಂದ
ಆನಂದ ಲೀಲಾವತಾರ ಜಗತ್ಸ್ರಿಷ್ಟಾದಿಗಳನ್ನು
ನೀನೆ ಮಾಡಿ ಸಾಧನಗೈಸಿ ಸುಖ ಒದಗಿಸುವಿ

sham- Ananda bhu -unnatike

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says ,” O Shambu, I bow down to you and offer my earnest and sincere prostrations. Your very nature is of the highest infinite bliss . You are the treasure house and source of this flawless bliss for every entity eligible to enjoy it with Your grace. Design, creation and the other eight-fold dispensations for this universe of sentient and insentient things is but an overflow of Your very own bliss.You perform all actions effortlessly and totally without any selfish motive.  Your motive is for the benefit of the good people. You make them don suitable bodies and lead them along the path of sadhana and when they are ready, You bestow the state of final beatitude on them, out of Your infinite compassion. There is no compulsion in any of Your actions and just happen because You wish to be the benefactor of the good and make them enjoy bliss as per their abilities.”

The manObhimAni Shiva also has the name “Shambu”. Why so? It is because he is instrumental in setting the attitude of the mind to enjoy. After all, the mere incoming senses do not cause the pleasures of the world. The most important aspect which causes happiness or sadness is the way we perceive it. If we have a long association with it, we become attached to it and feel happy with the input. The mind colours our perception . If Paramatma as “Shambu” who resides in inside Shiva who is also Shambu in the mind, then the attitude of the jiva is so tuned that there is no question of loss or grief irrespective of the actual occurances in life. The attitude of Guru Raghavendraru when the few utensils in his house were stolen clearly indicates this. Loss of the utensil caused him no grief, he only felt compassion for the takers. Sri Jagannatha dasaru also has spoken about the mental attitudes of “mahatmas” in “ranga ninna konDADuva mangalAtmara”.  “Hey Shambu! I surrender my mind to You, please make me Your instrument.”

Every minute that we breathe easy, eat food not just effortlessly but joyfully, a good night’s sleep, travel to wonderful places, discussions with friends and relatives and many many more activities that we engage in, on a day to day basis afford happiness to us. Who is the cause of this happiness? Shambu is the infinite storehouse of bliss and doles our happiness to each one based on their innate nature,previous karma and current status in time. This name of Hari makes us sit up and wonder at His enormous ability. He does this not just for one person  continuously through the day, through the weeks,months and years, but for each and every person as well as beings as per their capabilities. Wow, Imagine if we were to count the number of instances of experiences of happiness for ourselves in one lifetime, it would itself be quite endless, what of everyone.

How vast, infinite and boundless must such an energiser and provider of such experiences to all those who deserve it at any point in time !

Newborn baby boy sleepingStock image of 'beautiful young indian girl child enjoying ice cream ...meditation | Fit Is a Feminist Issuetwo-friends-clipart-black-and-white-two-friends-hugging-clipart-2 ...

These limited pleasures of life also afford us so much happiness, how much more must be the state of freedom from fear and grief-the state of moksha. Dasaru says ,”Not just the day to day goings on in our life, but the entire chart for our sadhana has been designed by You O Shambu with a view to enable us to experience our own inherent joy. Towards that end ,the creation of the world and  the placement of sentient and insentient objects in the world have been designed by You. My repeated obeisances to You O the infinite independent enjoyer and source of the enjoyment of all others”


38)Shri Swayambhuve namah!Independence in assuming forms without loss of any kind

swatantranaagiye aavirbhavisuvi nee swayambhu

Adaradi namo embe deepaat deepaantara polu

mOdachinmaya avatAragaLa prakaTisuvi

matsyAdi avatAragaLu karma nimittavalla

ಸ್ವತಂತ್ರನಾಗಿಯೇ ಆವಿರ್ಭವಿಸುವಿ ನೀ ಸ್ವಯಂಭು
ಆದರದಿ ನಮೋ ಎಂಬೆ ದೀಪಾತ್ ದೀಪಾಂತರಂ ಪೋಲು
ಮೋದ ಚಿನ್ನಮಯ ಅವತಾರಗಳ ಪ್ರಕಟಿಸುವಿ
ಮತ್ಸ್ಯಾದಿ ಅವತಾರಗಳು ಕರ್ಮ ನಿಮಿತ್ತವಲ್ಲ

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa Dasaru explains this name of the Lord describing His inherent capacity to exhibit as many forms as He wishes and to accomplish whatsoever He wishes . It is not that He cannot accomplish without that particular form as all His forms are equally potent .He makes an appearance in that form and performs actions during avataras as He pleases. Appearance or form does not bind Him, neither do time or place. Unlike the souls who are born or are made to take on bodies because of their previous karma, the Lord takes on forms as per His will and His forms are all of complete knowledge and bliss.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna clarifies that His appearance as Krishna or any other avatar is totally mystic and exclusive. One who is able to understand this, will become free from transmigration and be blessed to obtain the grace of Krishna.

It becomes totally important to know about His avataras and the Vishnu sahasranama describes the various attributes of Hari in many a varied way. This name “sambhava” when taken with any other name becomes a wonderful way to understand “divya” in the shloka above.

Vishnu- sambhava – When He appears in any avatara also He is omnipresent,omniscient and omnipotent too. Viswam- sambhava – In avataras too, He is completely capable and is the cause of the existence of all others. Vashatkaara- Sambhava. As Krishna also He is Vashatkaara, the one with the six-fold sway on the jivas. He makes souls be born, makes them aware,makes them live, change , deteriorate and finally pass away.

Shree Lakshmi Shobane 49

hattu mattaru saasira streeyarali

hattu hattenipa kramadinda

putrara veeryadali shrishTisidavarunte

artiya shrishti Harigeedu

Here the limitless possibilities of Hari’s capability to create and sustain etc are seen.

All these explain Dasaru’s words ‘swatantranaagiye aavirbhavisuvi”.

Dasaru says ,” O Swayambhuve,I bow down to You ,  in deep reverence and complete humility. Your magnificence is beyond me as You are completely independent in Your innumerables forms, deeds and names.When You manifest in a particular form, the original form as well as the avatara form ,both are complete and auspicious even as a lamp that is lighted from another glowing lamp .The first lamp never loses its glory and brilliance and the second one also possesses the same flawless radiance as the first,. This is true,irrespective of how many ever lamps are lighted using the first lamp. This example is given in the Bhagavatham to clearly explain the infinite abilities of Hari. All analogies are limited but are quite apt when they are quoted to understand a particular attribute. Your auspicious attributes are powerful flawless and unbounded. “

Shri Vadirajaru says,

shri nArAyaNara janani janakara

naa neMba vaadi nuDiyalo

jANaradariMdariya mUlaroopava tori

shri nArasimhana avataara ||40||

aMbudiya udakadali oDedu mUDida kUrma

emba shri hariya pitanAru

emba shri hariya pitanAru adariMda swa-

yambugalella avatAra



36) Shri Prabhave namah!-The unique exquiste and capable master of earth, heaven and beyond.

bhUmi swargAdigalalli nee prakrishTa prabhuswAmi

namO pArataMtraadi dOshadUra shree bhuramaNa

bhumAdi guna mahaishwarya sampUrNa nee sarvadA

samAdikarahitOttama avatAradalliyu

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa Dasaru extols the glory of Prabhu and offers repeated obeisances to the lotus feet of this Supreme master.

prabhU – Who is of a great and unique height in all aspects. None else is like Him. Search as one might in the vast expanse of the earth and heavens it is not possible to find His equal, let alone anyone superior.He rules the universe and beyond for all time . The word “prakrishTa” qualifies Him as a completely different emperor,ruler and controller than any. He is one of a kind. His orders fly to accomplishment irrespective of the wishes of others involved. He has no dependency on any object or sentient being. He is completely free from such defects. He is the consort of Shri and Bhu. His infnite gunas and extreme capabilities and control are complete in themselves always and everywhere. He has no equal or superior. He is the Supreme, even in avatars too.

Shri Madhwa acharyaru has said, “mama swAmi harir nityam sarvasya patirEva cha” clearly indicating the Supreme sway of Hari on all beings. He is the inner controller -the bimba muruthi , not just for me, but for every other soul too. There is no one else as capable as Him as the required omnipotence is one of His exquisite attributes. None can do anything without His will.

On the earth or in the heavens, there may be many kings and masters, but You are totally different from them. You are of unmatched excellence. I bow down to You , O Master of flawless control,Of defectless auspicious attributes ,each infinite in every respect . You reign in such Supreme glory for all time, remaining totally unbounded. Your limitlessness clearly indicate Your complete independence and infiniteness .Such extensive attributes single You as the one with “mahaishwarya” = He who controls each and everything. ” Not even a blade of grass moves without His will.” Such control is inherently in You unlike the control of others like Mahalakshmi, Brahma, Vayu etc. They all enjoy a lot of control on the souls and universe but are constantly governed by You, O swAmi, my inner bimba as also theirs. “vishwa stiti praLaya sarga mahAvibhutir vrittiprakAsha niyamAvriti banda mOkshAh, yasyaapAngalava mAtra Urjita sa, shreeryat kaTAksha balavatyajitam namAmi”  “Whatever mighty task that may be engaged in by Lakshmi or others are granted by His one side glance. ..Dwadasha stotra.

In the avatars the Lord appears to be a baby, a boy, a lad and an adultetc.But in reality that is just how He wishes that He should appear to the people He is actually complete in all auspicious attributes at all time and has no boundary even during that time. His form as a baby is just as competent as a youth. If we observe His leelas as an infant in Krishna avatara point to this attribute of His.Time is not something which can bind Him, He dictates time for everyone.”kAlAMtargata kAlAteeta, trikAlagnya”.

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bhAgaNNagOpAla dAsAryara….I offer my sincere obeisances to the feet of shri Gopala dasaru

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru has composed a  work stretching 122 verses descrbing in minute detail the charitre of Shri Gopala dasaru.His works show his great abilities and vast store of distilled knowledge. His works always sing the glory of Hari. Even if it is the glory of the guru, he sings it as O dasa of this great Lord as in the following stuthi.

bhAgaNNagOpAla dAsAryara padakke

baagi sharaNaadenu satata nishchayadi

jagadAdi karta aja aghadUrA suguNAbdi

turagAsya vijaya shrINivAsa priyatamaru

O bhagaNNa ,you are the true dasa of Gopala,I bow down to your feet and seek shelter.You are my leading light for eternal time. My mind flows to your feet in surrender perpetually! Why so ? It is because you are the indisputable favourite devotee of  Shrinivasa who is “jagadaadi karta-designer,creator ,and one who sustains and dissolutes the universe,aja-who  is omnipresent and timelessly free from the bondage of birth, who is an infinite ocean of auspicious attributes ,turagAsya-who is the giver of knowledge to even Brahma-Hayagreeva, and whose will always prevails-vijaya.

How did Bhaganna become Gopaladasa? The shruthis proclaim that none can become Hari’s devotee until and unless one is chosen by Him. “yamevEsha vrinute tEna labhyah”.

navaratnagalu kaMda kaMDa DavinalunTe

navavidha bakthigalu kaMdakaMDaluMTe

ninna bhakuti kaMDare bAradu kalitare bAradu

purandara viTtala ninna dayavAgatanaka

This is precisely the answer . He has been chosen by Gopala! Despite his poverty stricken early life, he was blessed to obtain Brahmopadesha at the age of five and had the grit to stick to his sadhana inspite of many odds. He obtained the siddi of the gayatri mantra and became an expert in jyothisha shastra. After a short stint there, then he was drawn into the dasa lineage by the grace of his guru ,”Vijayadasaru”. Each and every moment of his life has led to this moment of victory(obtaining the guru) and that is why Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says he is the  “priyatama ” of Vijaya Shrinivasa.

This stuthi declares that Gopaladasaru is indeed a chosen devotee of the Lord Shrinivasa, who is pre-eminent in auspicious gunas and is the cause for the existence and other states of the universe. Meditating on the Lord’s form as Hayagreeva bestows victory as He bestows wisdom as Hayagreeva and gives jaya as vijaya.

Gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharya has many a time mentioned the subtle concept of this form of Hari. Why particularly the face of a horse ? He explains that the horse is quite an ancient form of transport for human beings and it is the fastest one available as a natural part of the environment. Horse =fast is what comes to mind. Horse=focus is also true as the horse once spurred in a certain direction, speeds off in that direction and reaches it pretty fast ,crossing fences and rivers too, if necessary. The mind in a sense is faster than the horse as it can take one to different worlds within moments. This quickness of the mind has to be harnessed and focused properly. Myriads of obstacles may obstruct one’s path and dissipate focus, but contemplating on the power of the Lord who gives knowledge as Hayagreeva, helps one to cross over and move forward with a renewed focus to uncover the hidden revelations. Indeed! Isn’t it His true compassion that He came forth with the face of the horse to disburse knowledge, so that the mere thought of that symbol of speed and focus will point us to contemplate on His power which designed the horse itself!

vijaya – vishEshavaada jaya

When the plan of action succeeds and bears fruit we consider it to be a victory. For the Lord His every thought is fruitful. The ancients declared ,”iccha mAtram prabhO shrishTi”

Entire creation is done by a mere thought of His. His wish is so powerful.

Dasaru’s sing the prasie of His will.

hari chitta satyA narachittakke bandaddu lavalEshavaiyya

Gopala dasaru who has the grace of this “Vijaya Shrinivasa” has achieved true victory. This victory is satat-eternal and it is firm-nischaya. His devotion to His guru Vijayadasaru and his compassion to his disciple Shrinivasa acharya are both included in this praise of Gopala dasaru . It is at the order of his guru that he gives aways 40 years of his lifespan to Shrinivasa acharya without a moment’s hesitation. The fruit of that action is seen even today as the epic poem “Shrimad Harikathamruthasaara” which was composed by Jaganntha dasaru(Shrinivasa acharyaru) by the grace of his guru. The nandi or opening verse itself seeks to rever the guru, “gurugala karunadinda Apanitu peluve” . Further he has also dedicated an entire sandhi to sing that praise of his guru -“Vigneshwara stotra sandhi”.

I offer my humble salutions with deep reverence at the feet of  a great guru , Shri Gopaladasaru on the occasion of his aradhana today and also for all time to come. This is shown by using the word ,”satata”.


31)Shree Avyayaaya namah!-The imperishable One

nAshavillada neenu avyaya namO namO yeMbe

nInu savitru maMDala madhyavarti nArAyaNa

shashvadEka prakAra ninna balaadi guNagaLu

aksheena avikAra nityavu poorNa sarvOtkrishTa

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru sings the great glory of the “Imperishable One”. In the Vishnu sahasranama this comes after “shrinidhi” and exhorts the nature of His opulence as that which is truly imperishable.

” O Imperishable one, I bow down to you again and again.You reside in the Savitru mandala-Sun and remain as the cause for all existence to be sustained in their respective bodies. The sun shines day after day relentlessly . This source of heat and light is illuminated by the opulent Lord who is always constant in His infinite auspicious attributes. His attributes of strength which never wanes,never undergoes distortion but remains constant and complete single Him as the master who is “sarvOtkrishTa”-The Supreme power.”


The Sun which illuminates our world and fills it with heat and warmth fails when it comes to illuminating this Bhagavantha. Lord Krishna says ,”na tad bhAsayate suryO na shashAMkO na pAvakah ” . This one phrase clearly shows His trancendence over all such light giving objects. He is the superior energy who illuminates these two and enables them to function day after day without respite until the time He wills it to dissolution. The awe-inspiring sound  “Om” resonates inside the Sun . This naada is the eternal mantra which glorifies “Avyaya” as the one who is the eternal sustainer of the jiva residing inside the life giving force emnating from the Sun as well as residing right inside the jiva as the antaryAmi.

He is the one and only one capable of such sustenance as His innate powers of strength etc are infintie and never decay or deteriorate with time or place. They remain complete and full in all respects eternally. Such a Supreme power is to be comprehended as per one’s abilities as eternally completely full of auspicious attributes .Such a comprehension is quite above the limited powers of the human mind and it remains quite mystically unless a glimpse of it is revealed by the Lord Himself. So all human endeavour is towards that end, of pleasing God and securing His prasada/benefaction ,critical to release from samsaara.

This explanation of avyaya by Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru is an attempt to help one transcend the limitations of the mind which conceives of all powers,statuses,entities as temproary and depleting with time and depending on the place. It is precisely because of this that he gives the opposites of those observed by one in the world as the spontaneous attributes of the gunas of Hari. aksheeNa- never expereincing loss due to expense,giving away, stolen or any other kind which we observe in the world. However much the Lord dispenses His karuna,His ojas,His sahas etc etc… it never depletes. However much or in whatever form He weilds His power it never is transformed or deteriorated in anyway. It always remains in its full glory without expectation from any other entites. Such a constancy is seen up a limited extent in the Sun and Dasaru declares this Sun itself is sustained by “Avyaya”.

savitru- means Surya

savitru also means the stimulator, the vivifier etc

surya-means -surigalinda gamyanaadava. He who is seen by the jnanis as per their ability- Who is that ? It cannot be a qualification for the sun as the sun is seen by all. Then whom does it refer to ? Of course, it is referring to that Supreme who sustains the sun to

Who birghten and lights up everything. The cause and sustainer of life itself is Avyaya.

Dasaru talks about “balaadi guNagalu” referring to the definition of Bhagavan or Purusha which is “shadguNa aishwarya poorNa”- bala, shakthi,jnAna,aishwarya,veerya and tejas.

These are pointers to the infinite capabilities and attributes of Bhagavan/Purusha. The lead the sadhaka deeper and deeper into realms of wonder at His boundless energies which never sag or suffer from transformation due to any cause. Let us bow down to this flawless Avyaya and seek His grace to become free from the limitations that bind us to this samsaara.