I am inspired by the connection between the experience and the word. Listening to what I call the letter and the word and the Vedas refer to as “akshara” and “Shabda” is the beginning of this wonder. Both are eternal and are the means to revelation. I have always been an ardent reverer of Madhwa philosophical thought which provokes one, to relate experience and thought and process it repeatedly. Constant contemplation on truth is advised by the ancients in order to cleanse the mind and body. The relation between the mind and the breath , mind and the soul, the mind and body needs to be constantly strengthened by such contemplation. Then the positive goings-on in the mind will have an almost immediate effect on the other relationships, mind being the main parameter which can be accessed by us.  With a view to share my minute explorations on the subtle aspects which can impact our mind and soul to a Himalayan measure , I have created this blog. Those who are keen to add on their thoughts to those expressed in the postings are welcome to do so using the comments section.

I believe and stand by the thought , that we are all instruments in the hand of God , who directs every minute physical process and inspires each thought. He works in this human form through the highest of jivas- Mukhyaprana who is the life-force and I bow down in all humility to my guru Shree Banannje Govindacharya who ignited the small kindle that was inside me and set it seeking the jewels of God’s bountiful glory and grace through the literature of Madhwa thoughts echoed in the Haridasa literature.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for starting the blog on Vishnusahasranama. When you get a chance it would be great if you can upload one unique meaning for each and every nama. It would be even more helpful if it is further broken down into dhatus with explanation of how the word is formed. Sorry for the trouble. Just starting my Sanskrit journey.


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