56)shri dhruvaaya namah! Ever steady,constant,completely full of unsurmountable strength

gagana manDaladalli sancharipa suryananna

vEgagatiyinda dhruva manDalada badiyalli

sheegra mele yettisuva dhruvane namO ninage

vikAra kshayAdigallilada stairya balaroopa

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasa gurubyoh namah

“O dhruva, You are so capable that you effortlessly cause the motions of the Sun which traverses in the sky to a position beside the Dhruva star and move it quickly upwards. Your action is perfect,accurate and fast. I bow down to You who is devoid of transformations, who has no loss of any form and who is of abiding strength in all His forms.”

The might and power of the Sun is something which we can slightly conceive of as it is visible in the sky. Who controls its traversal in the sky? The steady movement which keeps the time of the earth, its days and nights, its seasons, its eclispses etc ! These are all controlled by one who is firm, who has no movement or transformation-Dhruva. The name itself means fixed. He is constant yet moving all the time. The Upanishads declare “tat ejati tat na ejati- Ishawasya Upanishad. It moves, it moves not! What a contradictory statement!  With our human intellect, we cannot understand this, howsoever we may try! It is beyond the pale of the human mind . No wonder Jagannatha Dasaru said ,”mana vachanakati doora” . There is no cause for contradiction where such a concept is concerned as He is beyond the material world. He is beyond anything which can be perceived or cognised by the material senses and mind.

Then Dasaru gives more explanation about the name “Dhruva”. He who is not subject to any transformation. This itself qualifies Him as independent. When objects or beings are subject to duress, they are forced to transform. This force is at work everywhere in the world and works as per the will of God.

Human beings suffer a lot due to transformation of their mind,body and senses. They do not want to loose their abilities ,but by the course of natural laws , time causes these. By contemplation on “Dhruva”, the effects of such transformation are minimised.

“sadguNava kaddavara aghava kadivanu anaghanendenisi”

He removes the flaws of those who contemplate on His auspicious, flawless attributes .

He is free from loss of any kind. The different types of losses described in the shastras are : loss of swaroopa, loss of body, grief, dependence. The insentients are subject to loss of their shapes and forms. The jivas are subject to loss of body, grief and are dependent. Devathas are subject to grief and dependence. Mahalakshmi who is different from the jivas is subject to dependence. Shri Hari is the only independent entity.

harireva parO harireva jagatpitru matru gatiH

Shrimad Acharyaru has said, “Hari is the only Supreme and specially auspicious, He is the father as well as the mother and is the one who provides direction to the jiva.

stairya – solidity, perseverence,tranquility, firmness

He is so solid that none get past Him through any techniques. Example : Hiranyakashipu wanted to escape death by obtaining a boon from Brahma which seemed quite airtight to him. But the Lord has His own ways.

Shri Jagannatha dasaru has said ,’ivana maayava geluvanyaavanu ee jagatrayadi!”

He makes the jivas to be born again and again until they shed their flaws by acquiring right knowledge . Each time we keep making so many mistakes, yet He bestows a new opportunity to learn and move forward in our sadhana.

He is the bestower of tranquillity on those who contemplate on Him. He is called as  “Shantha” There is no end to the bliss and peace He enjoys on His own. He needs no one. Yet He accepts what is offered and graces His devotees with their heart’s desires.

He is firm in His dealings. There is no occasion where anyone can usurp His wish . He is known as “apratimallah” who can never be conquered in anyway.

Shri Vadirajaru has said ,”Avana paksha balakedurilla avana upeksha kulakshyavanipudu aa devanigyaavaneNe ? ” Narayanana nene…..

Balaroopa – This powerful form of Paramatma is to be contemplatted on as Supreme, infinite in strength in all spheres of existence and beyond.

ee pariya sobagu innyaava devaralli naa kaaNe ,gOpi jana priya gOpaalagallade!.. Shri Purandara Dasaru.

We fail in our dealings in the world because of our inability to be firm in thought, speech and action. The very basic necessity for sadhana is sincerity, to be steady in thought word and deed, to not have double faces, to remain pure in devotion to Hari.

This constancy and steadiness is Hari’s guna “Dhruva”. We need to contemplate on it as much as possible to steadily move forward in our sadhana.

Let us bow down and offer our obeisances to Dhruva naamaka Paramatma.