54)shri stavishTaaya namah: Flawless infninte brilliant entity

atyanta tEjaswiye stavishTane namO ninage

bhUta panchaka brahmAnDa oLA horage sarvastha

sutejasthama virANNAma purushane namaste

mArtAnDa badarAdigaLige tEjas pradAta

“O Vishnu,You are stavishTa, of excellent flawless brilliance, I bow down to You and offer my humble obeisances. You reside inside each and everything in the world that we cognize giving each one of the five bhutas their existence and ability to exhibit their properties. You pervade inside and outside this entire vast universe. Your boundless pure radiance is Your very nature. You are known as Virat Purusha who is completely full of auspicious attributes and pervades everywhere at all times. My sincere prostrations at Your magnificent feet. You provide the energy and effulgence to the Sun and moon.”

Here Prasanna Shrinivasa Dasaru has sung the glory of Vishnu as StavishTa . He leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind as to the ever-abiding blemishless brilliance of Vishnu. This world is made up of the five elements, the five bhutas namely space, air, fire, water and earth. All these have their respective energies only by His grace. His infinite energy propels everything. The Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad discloses the concept of Antaryaamitva of Paramaatma in all the five elements starting from Prithvi, appu, tejas, vayu and aakasha. The many dieties who are meant by these terms are told and the final meaning of each and everything term means Vishnu only who is represented by each and every word and sound. Example : aapaH – water. It is in feminine gender ,plural. This indicates that the abhimani deities of water are many and female. Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Kaveri etc. Then the word Aapah for each of them is that pure water is sustenance for life. Without water, there is no life.

aasamantaat paalayati , aasamantaat paavayati… both mean aapah. It cleanses, purifies and gives life. The abhimani dieties of water control these properties of water.  They are powered by Mukyaprana at a higher level, who is the life-giving energy for all beings including them. Mukyapraana is then aapaah as He enables the water to be ingested and accepted by the body ,thereby sustaining it.

dvidaLapadmavu shObhipudu kaM

Thadali mukhyaprANa tannaya

sudatiyiMdoDagUDi haMsOpAsaneya mALpa


shadanu tAnAgiddu dAnA

bhidhanu shabdava nuDidu nuDisuva saRvajIvaroLu…HKAS_08-07

Here Udaana is both Mukyapraana as well as his antaryaami ,Paramatma.

Finally aapah is Paramatma as He is the one who actually positions each and everyone including Mukyaprana and nadi abhimaanis etc to perform their respective jobs . He provides them energy continuously and gives the direction and inspiration for each and every action. Thinking of Him as “aapaH” cleanses and purifies us. This infinite power is filled everywhere in the Universe as well as resides in each and every being as the inner controller too.

His radiance is Supreme and flawless! “sutEjasthama” Why so? It is because it is inherent in Him and is never exhausted or dulled at anytime. It is independent of anything, unlike other sources of light that we know. The radiance of the Sun is dependent. The Sun shines everyday, yet its brillaince increases during summer and decreases during winter, it is affected by the presence of clouds and rain. It is affected by eclispses . Further in the Gita ,Shri Krishna declares that the effulgence of the Sun and moon are due to His power.

yad aditya-gatam tejo
jagad bhasayate ’khilam
yac candramasi yac cagnau
tat tejo viddhi maamakam  B.G 15.12

Obviously, these dependent source of light which we heavily depend on for our existence on earth are there by the whim of God. .When the Universe is dissolved by the all powerful Supreme, these two also have to go. On the other hand,the light and power of Shri Hari is always existing independently and infinitely.


53)shri tvashTre namah

dIptimantatvashTra namO shriman nArAyaNaghriNi

bhakta trividharige horagu oLagu sarvatra

nakshatra taTitchaMdra Arknandadi hoLeyuva

tejah punja sarvakarta spoorthidanu nI dhyEya

“O Vishnu, who is completely self-effulgent,  of infinite flawless auspicious attributes , who is deeply compassionate, showering His benovelence on the three types of bhaktas , who is present every where both inside and outside, whose radiance never fades or diminishes, is ever lovely and peaceful like a row of moons, yet brilliant like the sun, He is the eternal cache of light and knowledge, the only independent doer of all actions, who inspires and is the one and only entity for contemplation.”

Shrimad Bhagavad gita says ,”na tad bhaasayate surya na shashaankah….” He cannot be illuminated by the Sun or the moon. Why so? It is because He is the cause of their brilliance and is ever effulgent . His luminiscense is inherent , but He is not cognizable by anyone unless He intends to reveal a little of Himself to them . The shape of things or roopa is due to His presence.

Narayana is the antaryaami of all . All acharyas who have written bhasyas on the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad have accepted that Narayana is the antaryami of every soul and is the inner controller of all things too. He is completely flawless and full of sadgunas, and is unaffected by the souls or their inherent natures. He is turly compassionate to reside inside each one as the antaryami and engage them in the world , even though He has no need or gain from this. Ghrini is the compassionate energy which He radiates . He creates, sustains ,controls and brings everything to its designated end effortlessly.

The Gita talks of four kinds of bhaktas – aarta, arthartis, jignasu and jnaani.Here Dasaru has grouped the first two together as both of them seek something ephemeral in life. The other two are the seekers of eternal knowledge. He bestows their desires as per their eligibilities, being present everywhere.

bhaktajana paalaka bhakti sukha daayaka…  Vijayadasara devaranama

“manadoLage taaniddu manavendenisi koMbanu

manada vrittigaLan anusarisi bhOgagalanIvanu…….”… HKS

na kshapate iti nakshatra ….. Nakshatra is that which never fades, is always shining. He is truly the Nakshatra which causes the endless stars in the sky to shine. Ah!What infinite energy ! Imagine the countless stars being supplied with energy as long as the world exists…..  How vast and infinite is His effulgent reach! It is something whcih we find difficult to cognise with our minds which are bound by space and time and only know of limited sources of energy in the world .

He is the flawless doer and the instigator of action too So if we surrender to Him our body, mind and indriyas and yearn to be His instrument, He in His abiding benovelence shall surely inspire and engage us in action that bears eternal fruits.

Dasaru says this “tvashtru ” is the dhyEya meaning the entity fit for contemplation. As Vishnu the all pervader, He is the source of light and knowledge . Since the jiva is in ignorance and bondage, one can move towards knowledge and freedom only through contemplation on that source of knowledge and its wonderful attributes.

In his composition named “Narasimha stuti” Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru has said

nAra uru guNasindhu

narasimha supreetanaagu

chirajnAna bhaktiya satata aha

parasamarillada bali ninnali dhyAna

teevra prerisu enage ananta anuttama


Shri Hari priyataam