52) Shree manave namah! O intelligent and Wise one, the bestower of knowledge, my repeated obeisances to You

Shree prasanna Shrinivasa dasa gurubyoh namah!

In his wonderful stutiroopa bhashya on the Vishnu sahasranama, Dsasaru explains the meaning of the name “Manu”.

jnyAta nee ” manu” ninage namO tiliso enage

vitata guNaroopakriyaadi mahAtmyagaLAnu

kAldEshavyaaptane jIva bimbAhvayane shreesha

sadAgama vEdya shrivedavyAsa sanatsujAtA

“O Vishnu, You are manu, Your are the wise all knower, I bow down to You in humble reverence and entreat You to reveal  Your wonderful , all pervading attributes, forms and actions and their greatness. You are present in all times and places ,You are the inner controller of the jiva, O Shreesha,You the master of Shri too. You are knowable only through the flawless scriptures. You disseminated knowledge in Your forms of VedavyAsa and Sanatsujatha.”

Vishnu the one who inspires each and every being, who  pervades everywhere is Manu too. He is the one and only entity who is infinitely full of wisdom. Wisdom which is the cause for flawless action is inherent in Manu as the name itself reveals . Manu also means intelligent. He is the source of all intelligence, without His instigation, one is doomed to dullness with no purposeful thoughts. As Manu(manu also means thinking) He is the power which propels our mind to thinking.  What is a human without this power to think? It is the unique ability which differentiates this species from all the other 84 lakhs of species of life on earth. The power to think and know is by Your grace only , so please bestow on me the knowledge of Your attributes,forms and actions as per my limited ability.

manadoLage tAniddu manaveM

denisi koMbanu…… HKS 2.6

Human beings know nothing which is not time bound or space bound. They can only relate to things with respect to time and space. You are unbounded by these. You remain as the vast limitless entity extending into infinite time and space. Yet, You are present in each of the souls as their very cause for existence. O what wonder!

As the “bimbaroopa” the inner controller You regulate the existence, thought and action of each and every being. You are infinitely capable of this , being the intelligent knower!

(By singing His glory as “bimbaroopa”,we accept our helplessness in knowing and surrender to Him as the one who can make us know anything at all, be it the mundane knowledge of me and mine or the subtle knowledge of the relationship of the soul to God)

“Shri” is the Lakshmi roopa , the abhimani of satva guna,which is the form in which she instigates the soul with the influence of satva guna to seek knowledge.

satvaat sanjaayate jnAnam…. Bhagavad gita

You are the master of Shri too giving Her occasion to be blissful all the time by being immersed in thoughts of Your attributes, actions and forms. I beseech You to grant me the mental state to acquire knowledge through the scriptures which are truly the only source of knowledge about You. You revealed them in Your form as VedavyAsa and Sanasujatha.

Recollecting the form of Vedavyasa and offering prayers to Him, who divided the Vedas and made them accessible to the people is the surefire method to obtain knowledge. He appeared to disseminate knowledge. As Sanat Sujatha  who is none other than Sanat Kumara ,one among the four child rishis,is an incarnation of Vishnu. He disbursed knowledge.  We see His form ,action and guna in these forms as one of knowledge giving Super saint who has boundless knowledge of all things at all times.

It is said that Shrimad Acharya did penance at Badri seeking an audience with Vedavyasa of Uttara Badri and then proceeded there to pay His respects and seek revelations and direction.