51) Shri vishwakarmaNe namah!

sarva karmagaLige kAraNanAgiruvi nee

vishwakarmaNe namO garuDavAhana vishwEsha

sarva karmagalu swataMtra ninna deSheyindale

sarvadA karma dOshAdi lEpavilladantaryAmi

“O Vishwakarma, You are the cause of all action! I bow down to you in humble surrender. Your vehicle is the garuDa , You are the master of the universe.All actions in the world happen as per your will. You are the sole controller of all actions. You are not tainted by the flaws related to karma and remain the ever blemishless inner controller-antaryAmi”

Shri Jagannatha Dasaru in HKS 3.9 says

bhARyariMdoDagUDi kAraNa

kARyavastugaLalli prEraka

prERyarUpagaLiMda paTataMtugaLavOliddu

sURyakiraNagaLaMte tannaya

vIRyadiMdali koDuta koLutiha

nARyarige Itana vihAravu gOcharipudEno…… HKAS_03-09

 You along with Your consorts reside in the causes of action and the results of actions too. The inspiration for action also comes from You and You yourself reside in the actor and accept the inspiration also There is no action in the world but  for You. Yet, You do not make it seem apparent . Every act is charged with Your energy and will. Dasaru gives a small analogy. He says ” The Sun’s energy is the cause for the rain, for the evaporation of water which forms clouds and again for the same to be showered down as rain. This cycle happens due to the Sun, yet it doesn’t seem totally obvious to the unlettered or the innocent child which may instead intuit that the sky is the cause of the rain or the wind or the cloud . The link is not easily apparent. Similarly Paramatma being the all doer remains invisible to all and only by constant deep contemplation on His all doership one can obtain His grace to understand a little of His all-doership.

Shrimad Acharya has said,” naham karta hari karta….” I am not the Hari is the one and only doer, none else.