49)shri padmanaabhaya namah

padmasambhava vedagaayanadi stutisuvanta
vedavaakyagalaliruvi pratipaadyanaagi
padmanaabhane namo vishwa aashraya mukya swaami
jyothirmaya jnaanadane dayadi paalayamaam

O Padmanabha! I bow down in deep reverence to You, who are the main import of the Vedas which are always being sung by the one who manifested from the lotus. You are the support for the entire universe, You are the sole controller of all, Your form is of radiance and brilliance, You bestow knowledge on those who understand You as such . I surrender to You and seek Your protection, with the firm belief in Your overflowing compassion.”

Padma sambhava is Brahma , the one who is born from the lotus. After his appearance, Lord appeared in the form of Hayagreeva and gave the upadesha of the Vedas and advised him to chant and contemplate. “tadvitapah tadvitapah” . So he continues to recite the verses from the Vedas and find deep meaning in their every syllable and letters which reveals a little of the majesty of his creator,Padmanaabha.

Padmasambhava is ever aware of Hari’s benefaction and compassion and all other auspicious attributes and hence continues to sing His praise. He is the true ideal for all jivas to follow and emulate. The prime and foremost duty of all is to express gratitude to their creator singing His praise with an understanding of His great attributes. The Brahma sootras too decry this that “Brahma jignyaasa is mandatory for every human being.” And the fact that the very first born of Brahma(Paramatma) sings His praise using the Vedas is a guide for the human race that in order to sing and know His greatness we need the help of the Vedas which are authorless and flawless.

Shri Acharayaru too has said that “Vishnu is knowable only through the Vedas-sadaagamas”

“sadaagamaika vignyeyam samateetha ksharaaksharam”

Shri Purandara dasaru has sung

padumanaabha, parama purusha paranjyOthi swaroopa….

It is Padmanabha who is the Supreme Purusha. His infinite form is of flawless radiance. This Superior Purusha’s praise is sung in the fifteenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

“dwavimou purushe loke ksharascha akshara eva cha…”

“There are two types of Purushas- “kshara-those with perishable bodies” and “akshara- the one Lakshmi who is dependent on Hari ,yet has an imperishable body” I am superior to both these, and I am unique and as such I am known as Paramatma.”

He is the sole shelter for the entire Vishwa. The Purushottama is the one who bestows the power to illuminate onĀ  luminous beings like Chandra, Surya and Agni. He is the Agni in the stomach of beings known as “Vaishwanara” and digests the food eaten by them, day after day, meal after meal. He is such that none can shine light on Him. His brilliance can only be perceived and revealed to the sincere seeker by His grace. He resides in the heart lotus of each and every being and is their sole controller. He is the independent master.

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa Dasaru says, “Let us surrender to this infinite opulent Lord and seek knowledge as He is the benevolent bestower of knowledge on those who earnestly seek it.”