47)shri aprameyaya namah-The boundless Infinite opulent being

parimAna illadavanu aprameyane namO
yArindalu sAkalya ninna ariyalu ashakya
siri mattu brahmeshAdigalu eshTe yatnisidaru
hariguNa mahime koNe ariye ashakyaru

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasa gurubhyo namah!

“O aprameya, the one whose strength and gunas are immeasurable by any standards, I bow down to Your infinite abilities in humble surrender. I acknowledge that your might is too great, your brilliance too bright for anyone to know you completely. It is just not possible. You are named “Aprameya” by the Vishnu Sahasranama and that itself defines you as one who is immeasurable. Even “,Shri” the akshara purushalu who has en ever imperishable body nor the superior most among jivas-Brahma, Vayu nor others like Shiva can never ever know Your might in all its infiniteness, however much they try.”

Acharya Madhwaru has said ,”bahu chitra jagat bahudaakaraNaat parashaktirananta guNa paramah!” Just examining the world, its varied natures in each kind of beings is itself a revelation of the infinite capabilities of its creator. Science has reached many frontiers. Every time a new discovery is made, scientists are completely taken by surprise at the possibility. There is no field of science that can claim,”There is nothing more to research in this field ” When nature itself is so abundant in its intricate workings, in its surprising secret codes of communication between cells etc, how can we not intuit that the knowledge of God who is the creator and sustainer of everything is totally above bounds . Going a step further Dasaru proclaims that even the most elevated of everyone who exists in all space and time with Hari, that Lakshmi too is baffled by His infiniteness.
praLaya jaladhiyoLuLLa
nAveyu holabugANade suttuvaMdadi
jalaruhExaNanamala guNarUpagaLa chiMtisuta
neleya gANade mahalakumi chaM
chalavanaidihaLalpa jIvari
gaLavaDuvudEnivana mahimegaLI jagatrayadi…….HKAS_07-32

“Imagine a small boat in the huge waters of a deluge, do you think it can move across the vast sea of water and cross over? It’s not possible. The boat keeps turning round and round but sees no end in either direction. Similarly Lakshmi who is always deeply immersed in the enumeration of Bhagavantha gunas with utmost devotion, keep looking from one to the other and so on but never does she find an end to it. How is possible for any other soul to complete the contemplation of all the gunas of Hari?

The meaning implied is,”Of course impossible. After all even the best among jivas, Brahma is bound by time and space. If Lakshmi who has no such boundary itself is unable to completely see all Hari’s gunas in all their infinite abilities then, how can anyone else ever claim to do it?