48) shree hrishikeshaayanamah-The controller of our sense organs and mind

indriyagalige swami hriskesha namo yembe
indriya abhimaanigaloliddu niyamisuvi
indiregu brahmanige bhaktajana sarvarigu
mandarOdhara neenu yataayogya harshavaneevi

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru extols the glory of Vishnu as “hrishikEsha” the controller of the indriyas. The indriyas are our window to the world. The soul inside this body communicates gives out as well as takes in information through these sense organs. They afford all the joys that we experience in the world. They are the means of all experience and lead us on the journey of knowledge or a life if pleasure as the individual is directed by one’s mind, which is again Hrishikesha’s forte.He is the controller of the mind.The concept of mind and it’s workings are the wish and work of Paramatma. Shri Jagannath dasaru says,”manadolage taaniddu manavendenisi kombanu, manada vrittigala anusarisi bhogagalaneevanu trivida chetanake.” The next part says,”Those who offer Him their mind are the winners of Him. He bestows Himself on those that surrender their mind to Him.

Each of the sense organs works intelligently providing information about our surroundings and co-ordinati g it with old memories if they exist and push us to feel an emotion about the experience

. I like this, I don’t like that etc are decided based on repeated co-relations with memories and their associated emotions.The individual then prefers those experiences which provide a positive emotional experience. When we think about our experiences and emotions we really have to agree that we are not the initiators of.both and have No control on them. Yet we have to agree that they can happen only through the volition of some intelligent agent. Acharya Madhwaru propounds the concept of the abhimani devathas for each organ and each sense and different levels of mind all of them in turn being controlled by Mukyapraana who is in turn acting as per the ichcha of Hrishikesha.

One daily problem that most of us face is confronting negative thoughts which bring us down. They create anxiety and fear and stop the normal functioning of the mind and body. How do we tackle this problem?  To that Dasaru answers,’mandharOdhara’.if we contemplate on ‘Hrishikesha as mandhoradhara’,  He will uplift our mind.He does that for everyone including Brahma and even Lakshmi too. So isn’t that a wonderful revelation?

He elevates our thinking and bestows bliss on us. Our thinking and perception become purified and fail to have a negative impact on our mind irrespective of the actual situation. The right attitude to life is one of His greatest gifts and this He bestows it on those who contemplate on Him as Hrishikesha.




Author: Parimala R

I am a student of Madhwa's philosophy and a listener of the expositions of Shri Madhwa's works through my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharya .This blog is an attempt to express the jewels contained in those along with the verses of a Haridasaru, Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru . I speak on the verses of the Harikathamruthasaara to students at my place and in the nearby Turahalli Rayar mutt and also on skype. I am also into studying the Bhagavad gita closely with a small group, since the past year, the source of study being the expositions of Shri Bannanje .

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