46) shri dhaaturuttamaaya namah

chaturmukha brahmanige niyaamaka uttamanu
dhaaturuttama namo sarveshvara neenu prakriti
dhaatugala vyavahaara pravartisuva swaamiyu
vaideeka shabdagalinda mukya vrittiayali vaachya

Shree Prasanna Shreenivasa Dasa has given a treasure on the method of upasana of the Lord , keeping the Vishnu Sahasranama as the basis for the unfoldment of the gunas of Vishnu, the inner controller of all. For this name,”dhAturuttamAya “, he connects the word dhAtu to the human body’s individual layers of cells which are the basic components of the physical body and clearly states that each and every command inside the cell and outside the cell is initiated by Him and Him only. The master of all is the one who sustains the actions of other deities too. He is the only one who is clearly extolled as the Supreme being in the Vedas.

Let us look at the following picture which is the cross section of a generalised cell.The thing about the body is that it  has many different kinds of cells and each of those are minutely tailored for the tasks that they need to accomplish.

The puranas and other texts portray Chaturmukha Brahma as the creator. He maybe the creator, but not the independent creator. “dhAturuttamA” is superior to Chaturmukha Brahma- the well known creator of the universe. Every atom or sub-atom in the universe is created through Brahma by “dhAturuttama”. Cells of beings need constant sustenance and the required nourishment, removal of waste, circulation and other components are continuously going on. It is not as if shrishti happens once and then there is nothing more to be done. The process of replenishment is always going on and hence “shrishTi” kirya is going on , through the other devathas controlled by MukyaprAna and he acting with the grace of Mahalakshmi.


In Ayurveda, the seven dhatus are considered in two ways. One set is the tvak, charma, rudhira, maamsa,majja,medhas and asti.  Another set of dhatus as per Ayurveda is:

Each of these tissue are extremely important and need to be nourished properly for their proper function. The breakdown of the food and the required nutrition to each dhatu is a miracle by itself. How does it happen?

modalu tvakchaRmagaLu mAMsavu


LidaroLage EkOnapaMchAshanmarudgaNavu

nidhana hiMkArAdi sAmaga

adara nAmadi karesutoMbha

ttadhika nAlvattenipa rUpadi dhAtugaLOLippa…HKAS_09-27

There are 49 marut devatas who govern the seven dhatus and Paramatma controls each and every small and minute activities that happen at that microscopic level.Every time we recollect that for any one do any action, for that matter, the Maruts or Mukyapraana inside the maruts , it is paramatma who is prANada- who mobilises their mind and indriyas , directly for MukyprAna and indirectly for others.

For every day that we are healthy, we have been healthy that we are existing, these functions of the dhatu need to be co-ordinated and that is Shri dhAturuttamAya’s grace.