35)shrI prabhavAya namah! Grant me the art of thinking correctly!

sarva vishayadi prakrishTa jnAnavanta prabhuve

sarvada namO prabha sanatkumAra AtreyA

savitru shashiyali jwalipa hamsa hayamukha

kavigEya vEdavyAsa rakshamAm dEhime subuddim

In each and every situation, You are always the complete knower. The interactions that occur during any given situation are designed by this all knower always. There are no exceptions at all. Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru says ,”Always I bow down to Your powerful mighty guiding light. You are the ever youthful fountain of knowledge which is boundless and flawless. You manifested Your form through Atri rishi and His consort Anasuya . Both were Your ardent devotees and You wanted to bestow on them their heart’s wish- A desire to have a son like. There is no one who is like You, hence You Yourself appeared there out of Your infinite compassion. As “sanatkumara” You showed that the souls need to take to the path of knowledge and seek it to the exclusion of all else.

The Sun and Moon which are visible to our eye owe their light and energy to Your great prowess. You accept the essence of all actions and remove the reperucssions that may accrue to the sincere devotee. You manifested as “Hayamukha” and bestowed the treasure of the Vedas on Chaturmukha, the Adi jiva. Your praise is sung by many a proficient poet. You came as Vedavyasa to bring the knowledge to the sajjanas  and did the partition of the Vedas, composed Puranas and Itihasas. Please throw the light of knowledge that is contained in these vast superior texts and protect me by bestowing the right thinking.

In the modern world also there are numerous scientific studies on  the powerful impact of what we think on the body and our whole being as such. Where ever there is a problem the mind is the main culprit. If one can keep the mind away from negative thoughts then the person functions to an optimum. But the very thought that one wants to keep away from negative thoughts is a boon which has to be bestowed by the Lord.

Singing His glory as “prabhavAya namah” moves one to a state of surrender accepting His superior hand in every thought that arises in our mind. This is itself is the most purest thought which can move one towards a state devoid of negativity. Where there is the thought of Hari, there there is no negativity. He is such that He Himself is infinitely flawless and remedies the flaws of those who contemplate on Him.

In order to have thoughts about Hari our mind needs to be “atri” and “anasuya”. One should be free from kaama, krodha and lobha and discard envy which destroys our power to think rightly. If one were not having the desire to obtain something in the first place, one would never be envious of a person who possesses that very same thing. So desire has to be pruned and the mind’s activities channeled towards the lotus feet of  “prabhavA”. He is the giver of the thought- and so we seek His benevolence in pruning desire. Without desire there would be no anger . Non-fulfillment of desire is the main cause of anger. Fulfillment of the desire leads to mOha-hoarding. All of these are negative transformations of the mind which can multiply multi-fold within a short time. They onlt way to overcome them is through surrender to “prabhava”.  He comes to us as “dattatreya” meaning the one who gives the three -jnAna, bhakti and vairaagya.

yad aditya-gatam tejo jagad bhasayate akhilam yadchandramasi yachchagnau tat tejo viddhi mamakam” BG 15.12

Lord Krishna has said that He is the illuminating power behind the light and heat giving forces in nature namely the sun, moon and fire. These brilliant energies are capable of lighting up lives , bestowing peace on our minds and enabling communication with others .In our quest for knowledge these three play a very important role and all the three owe their powers to “prabhava”.

As Hamsa, He travels from one petal to the next in our heart lotus and impacts our mind with different tentencies based on the direction of the petal. If it is in the east , it is the home of Indra who is impelled by the Lord to guide us with positive thoughts in seeking to fulfill the requirements of the Shrutis and to follow its injunctions.

aShTadaLasadhR^idaya kamalA

dhiShTitanu tAnAgi saRvO

tkR^iShTamahimanu daLagaLali saMcharisutoLagiddu

duShTarige duRbuddhi kaRma vi

shiShtarige suj~nAna dhaRma saM

puShTigaisuta saMtaipa niRduShTa sukhapURNa….HKAS_05-09

As Hayagreeva He makes our mind move fast with focus like a horse and when He bestows this aim of study, meditation and devotion as our goal in life, He sees to it that we move in that direction only. As Vedavyasa whenever we slack in our studies He revives our interest and pushes us towards our goal of un-interrupted study of the scriptures with deep contemplation . He also provides the guru who directs us to the lighted path.

All the roopas which Dasaru has referred to in this padya consummate in the understanding that He is bestower of the right thoughts, right intellect and the ability to make the correct decisions in life. I bow down to Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa Dasaru for this wonderful explanation of this naama . My repeated obeisances to my guru Shri Bannanje Govindacharya for showing me the lighted path .

shri bhArati ramaNa mukyaprAnantargata shri prabhavAya namah!