28)Shri Shivaaya namah!

atishayAnanda anubhavi shivane namO yembe

jagadvilakshaNa pUrNasukha mangala swaroopa

bhaktarige mangalada muktarige nityasukha

vartisuvi shivaroopi shivada shribhUramaNa

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says ,” O enjoyer of extraordinary bliss, O Shiva , i bow down to You and offer my sincere obeisances.”

You are completely unique and different from anything in the universe being the one and only entity with completeness in bliss untouched by any flaw. Hence You are the most auspicious being. You bestow auspiciousness on Your devotees and lead them to a state of freedom from samsaara and an experience of their own self’s continuous bliss in that state of liberation. You ascertain the actions required to accomplish this and make it happen hence You are the only one who can be the giver of such auspiciousness. You make this happen ,controlling and showering bliss on Shri devi and Bhu devi.

The word shiva = shi + va where sha denotes bliss and the ‘i kara’ shabda magnifies the ananda and makes it atishaya. The syllable “shi” sings Vishnu’s glory as the one who possess infinite bliss and adds on with the syllable “va” denoting knowledge. The word “shiva” talks about the all powerful possessor of infinite bliss and knowledge who is none other than “Vishnu” , The infiniteness of bliss and knowledge is the pre-requisite for the sustainer of this Universe. Every creature in the universe possesses a alimited amount of bliss and knowledge basic to its very existence and that is sustained by this all powerful Lord. Imagine, His immense powers.

The finite bliss that all forms of creatures experience in this world all stem from His grace and His sustaining power.

The chirping song birds in the early morning. The trumpet of an elephant as it sights a water hole. The bark of a dog when it sees its owner. The swaying of the leaves at the slightest breeze. The jumping dolphins in the ocean. The smile of a baby. The expectation and joy of a wedded couple. The satisfaction of having had a good night’s sleep. The delight of a good meal. The list is endless .


Shri Jagannatha Dasaru says ,

matte chiddEhada oLage eM

bhattu sAviradELu nUri

ppatta aidu nR^isiMha rUpadalliddu jIvarige

nityadali hagaliruLu bappapa

mR^ityuvige tA mR^ityuvenisuva

bhR^ityuvatsala bhaya vinAshana bhAgya saMpanna….HKAS_07-15

He resides inside the swaroopa of the jiva in more than eighty thousand forms and ensures that the jiva continues to exist in that form as long as it is destined. The very existence requires so much of His immense grace, then what of all the experiences that we have day after day ? It is all because of an overflow of His grace. This kind of joy of experience is just one glance at the might and immeasurable bliss that He experiences as His natural essence.

Dasaru clarifies that the expereince of bliss that the Lord has is totally different from anything anyone can ever think of, let alone expereince. He is referred to as  “jagadvilakshana”. Completely different, totally unique. The difference being that the the very basis of His existence is independent and unimpeded by any force of time ,space or attribute. He is totally unique as He acts out of His own will to enable others to expereince bliss as per their own abilities at the right time. This exquisite nature of Hari remains unsurpassed at all times. He never needs anything from doing anthing yet He does, for the sake of others and that makes Him totally one of a kind. He provides opportunities for jivas to obtain knowledge and bliss and makes then engage in suitable actions to benefit from it. He is thus referred to as the  “Uplifter of the jivas – mangalada” . After the jiva gets unfetterered from the shackles of samsaara He then sees to it that it experience eternal bliss as per one’s own innate nature and capabilities. This also goes on for infinite time for each and every soul, souls being countless. Aah! Contemplate on His boundless capabilities .

“O shivA, All your actions are an expression of Your bliss and knowledge. They stem from Your very nature. The objective of Your actions is descirbed by Dasaru as ” bhaktarige mangalada, muktarige nityasukha.” not that the muktas are not bhaktas but they are the uplifted bhaktas. So the continuity of the sustianence of the Lord is described using these two phrases. For each and every bhaktas since beginningless time, this has been the process. It remains as the process and will continue for endless time.” Such is the magnifcient Shiva whose glory is sung by Bheeshmacharya in Vishnu Sahasranaama.

If at all we try to list out actions, events, associations ,experiences etc that has led to our improved attitudes, increasing knowledge(parOksha) and bliss in this perceivable world  then that list itself would be endless. We have no means to express our gratitude to His grace and compassion except by singing His glory,which is also accomplished only by His grace.



Author: Parimala R

I am a student of Madhwa's philosophy and a listener of the expositions of Shri Madhwa's works through my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharya .This blog is an attempt to express the jewels contained in those along with the verses of a Haridasaru, Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru . I speak on the verses of the Harikathamruthasaara to students at my place and in the nearby Turahalli Rayar mutt and also on skype. I am also into studying the Bhagavad gita closely with a small group, since the past year, the source of study being the expositions of Shri Bannanje .

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