29)shree bhutAdayO namah!

prANigaLa kAraNane bhUtAdi namO ninage

neeneve sarvaprANigala janmaadi kAraNanu

neene sarvaprANigaLa bhakshakanu eMdihudu

nirNaya sUtra atta charAchara grahaNAt eMdu

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru describes Vishnu as the original source of strength for all the occurrences in the universe. He says ,”You are the cause for the existence of all prANis to be prAnis. I bow down to Your great magnificence again and again. You are the cause for the birth which means the acquisition of bodies for all jivas. You consume all prANis at the time of dissolution. This is the final statement expressed by the deciding sutras which read ,”charAchara grahaNAt”. “

prANa = pra +ana = prakrushtavaada cheshte

Jivas obtain the ability to engage in action after acquiring the human form which is endowed with the special faculties to speak , think and understand and do much much more than any other form of life. This ability to act out of one’s own volition is not innate in the jiva as such and that is quite obvious when we say that they acquired it only after they obtained the human form. Who is the designer of this human form? Who sustains this form with its varied systems,cells, functions which enables the human body to engage in meaningful action?

The one who enables this is the one who is already at an infnitely greater elevated state. This follows from the word ‘sarva prANigala” where sarva refers to the thousands and millions of jivas which come into creation during one Brahma kalpa. If He is the source of such infinite beings then how infinite must His abilities and strengths be ?The elevation in state is not just in the time but in the abilities as the one who is the cause for all the elevations of all other beings. “bhu” = elevated state . “Adi” the very beginning source for every such elevated states of being.For all other forms of life too there is an elevation though not as much as in the human form. So in that case the word “prANi” would encompass all beings which act as well as experience in this universe.

govindA ninna nAmave chaMdA

shrishTi stithi laya kAraNa goviMdA

I pari mahimeya tiLiyuvude AnaMdA

The name of the Lord Govinda is marvellous. He is the cause for creation, He sustains and dissolutes . Such is the great glory of Govinda . One who contemplates on His glory is blessed with bliss.

This name comes after “stANu” which describes His changless stoic complete state of bliss and knowledge at all times. So irrespective of the act of creation or dissolution , the Lord remains as pure existence.In the case of human beings the concept of creation is an occassion to celebrate while that of destruction is most probably not. But it is not the same for the Lord. The transcendence of the Lord over time, space and gunas sets Him totally apart from all other beings. All acts which may be a failing or a dosha in the case of humans becomes an auspicious attribute from the point of view of Hari.



28)sthANave namah:Unperturbed pure existence

stAyi sarvatranI vikAravillade irutiyO

mattu aNuroopanu stANu namO embe ninage

sthiratvadiMdali neenu sthANu eMdenisuviyO

sarvatra tishTa balAdigaLalli nyunate illa

“You exist everywhere at all times, remaining unaffected by anything. Not just the immense form which pervades everywhere but also in the tiniest of the tiny forms too, You remain as “stANu”, totally undisturbed and tranquil. I bow down in reverence to Your immense enduring form which is totally unswerving and abiding. Being of this unshakable nature ,You are indeed glorified as “stANu”.You pervade everywhere without any loss of Your auspicious attributes like power,strength etc. Never is there any flaw associated with You. Place, time or gunas cannot impede Your stability ever,”

The impossible is possible in “stANu”. Can we imagine such a contradiction as the one expressed by Dasaru in the above padya? He declares to the Lord,” You pervade everywhere steadfast and firm in all Your auspicious attributes and there is no question of any defects. The very fact that You exist everywhere, yet have a minute form which is also the same as the one expressed in the first line is absolutely unimaginable.”

It is no wonder that Kanaka dasaru says ,”EneMdu koMDADi suthisuveno devA, nAnenu balle ninna mahimegaLa mAdhavA …” and Vyasa vittala dasaru says ,”tiLiyado ninnATA tirupatiya veMkaTa..”

In general when we speak of a thing in this world, if it is extremely big and occupies a great deal of space then it cannot also be microscopic . If at all we make it small then we reshape it by compressing it.It loses its original form. But not so, for stANu who remains unchangeable at all times and at the same time is all pervasive and the most minute also.The expansion of life,wealth,knowledge of a human is bound by many many factors. So also the mind. So how is it possible to know an entity that is infinite in infinite aspects using the tool -mind which is finite in all its aspects? This is a paradox.

manadoLage tAn iddu manaveMdenisikoMba…….

manavanittare tannane iva……

But the ancients advocated that beseeching the Lord Himself as the controller of the mind and its functioning and surrendering everything unto Him is the solution . Then He discloses Himself in as much as the devotee deserves to perceive.

Let us consider some scientific facts. Energy never gets depleted at any time, neither does it perish at time. It is always constant. Energy is everything. Without energy nothing exists. These laws of physics revealed by scientists just declare the observations. But why are these laws in place ? How is it that they hold true repeatedly? These questions can be answered only when we conceive of an all powerful infinite knowing being who can sustain all this with effortless ease, causing no kind of distress to Himself. He is never perturbed by all the changes that are orchestrated by His will. He is able to perform this incredible feat having access to each and every nook and corner of the universe and without as well .At all times His reach is infinite. His reach is not bound by anything. He is inside the most minutest atoms ,yet exists purely as the same All powerful infinite energy.

aNumahattinoLippa ghana para

mANuvinoLagaDagisuva sUkshmava

muNugisuva tElisuva sthUlagaLavana mAyavidu


munidu mADuvudEnulUkhala

onakegaLu dhAnyagaLa haNivaMdadali saMharipa…..HKAS_03-19

His presence inside each and everything is described by Shri Jagannatha Dasaru in the vyapthi sandhi. Here Dasaru clearly brings our focus to His extreme capabilities. What may be small and tiny can carry a lot of weight, while what may be big in mass can be light in weight. His will for each and everything is apparently the reason for things to take on forms and properties. Such unsurpassed capabilities of Hari is cited as a deterrent to the wicked by pointing out that there is no place where they can try to hide away from His righteous will. When He decides they will be sqashed out just as a small grain is crushed inbetween the mortar and the pestle .

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says in the last line of this verse,”sarvatra tishTa balAdigaLalli nyunate illa”. His power is never lessened at any point irrespective of time or place. This is the final definition of “stANu” as He is spontaneously constant in His gunas and whose firmness is unsurpassed and can never come to naught.

Every attribute of Paramatma is stANu. He is the Supreme Force who designs, creates ,sustains and disolutes the world at all times. He is the Supreme inner controller for all at all times and places. He is the only abiding Supreme who bestows knowledge and freedom from samsaara to the deserving. He pervades everywhere at all times . Every nama of the Vishnu Sahasranama is “stANu”.



28)Shri Shivaaya namah!

atishayAnanda anubhavi shivane namO yembe

jagadvilakshaNa pUrNasukha mangala swaroopa

bhaktarige mangalada muktarige nityasukha

vartisuvi shivaroopi shivada shribhUramaNa

Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru says ,” O enjoyer of extraordinary bliss, O Shiva , i bow down to You and offer my sincere obeisances.”

You are completely unique and different from anything in the universe being the one and only entity with completeness in bliss untouched by any flaw. Hence You are the most auspicious being. You bestow auspiciousness on Your devotees and lead them to a state of freedom from samsaara and an experience of their own self’s continuous bliss in that state of liberation. You ascertain the actions required to accomplish this and make it happen hence You are the only one who can be the giver of such auspiciousness. You make this happen ,controlling and showering bliss on Shri devi and Bhu devi.

The word shiva = shi + va where sha denotes bliss and the ‘i kara’ shabda magnifies the ananda and makes it atishaya. The syllable “shi” sings Vishnu’s glory as the one who possess infinite bliss and adds on with the syllable “va” denoting knowledge. The word “shiva” talks about the all powerful possessor of infinite bliss and knowledge who is none other than “Vishnu” , The infiniteness of bliss and knowledge is the pre-requisite for the sustainer of this Universe. Every creature in the universe possesses a alimited amount of bliss and knowledge basic to its very existence and that is sustained by this all powerful Lord. Imagine, His immense powers.

The finite bliss that all forms of creatures experience in this world all stem from His grace and His sustaining power.

The chirping song birds in the early morning. The trumpet of an elephant as it sights a water hole. The bark of a dog when it sees its owner. The swaying of the leaves at the slightest breeze. The jumping dolphins in the ocean. The smile of a baby. The expectation and joy of a wedded couple. The satisfaction of having had a good night’s sleep. The delight of a good meal. The list is endless .


Shri Jagannatha Dasaru says ,

matte chiddEhada oLage eM

bhattu sAviradELu nUri

ppatta aidu nR^isiMha rUpadalliddu jIvarige

nityadali hagaliruLu bappapa

mR^ityuvige tA mR^ityuvenisuva

bhR^ityuvatsala bhaya vinAshana bhAgya saMpanna….HKAS_07-15

He resides inside the swaroopa of the jiva in more than eighty thousand forms and ensures that the jiva continues to exist in that form as long as it is destined. The very existence requires so much of His immense grace, then what of all the experiences that we have day after day ? It is all because of an overflow of His grace. This kind of joy of experience is just one glance at the might and immeasurable bliss that He experiences as His natural essence.

Dasaru clarifies that the expereince of bliss that the Lord has is totally different from anything anyone can ever think of, let alone expereince. He is referred to as  “jagadvilakshana”. Completely different, totally unique. The difference being that the the very basis of His existence is independent and unimpeded by any force of time ,space or attribute. He is totally unique as He acts out of His own will to enable others to expereince bliss as per their own abilities at the right time. This exquisite nature of Hari remains unsurpassed at all times. He never needs anything from doing anthing yet He does, for the sake of others and that makes Him totally one of a kind. He provides opportunities for jivas to obtain knowledge and bliss and makes then engage in suitable actions to benefit from it. He is thus referred to as the  “Uplifter of the jivas – mangalada” . After the jiva gets unfetterered from the shackles of samsaara He then sees to it that it experience eternal bliss as per one’s own innate nature and capabilities. This also goes on for infinite time for each and every soul, souls being countless. Aah! Contemplate on His boundless capabilities .

“O shivA, All your actions are an expression of Your bliss and knowledge. They stem from Your very nature. The objective of Your actions is descirbed by Dasaru as ” bhaktarige mangalada, muktarige nityasukha.” not that the muktas are not bhaktas but they are the uplifted bhaktas. So the continuity of the sustianence of the Lord is described using these two phrases. For each and every bhaktas since beginningless time, this has been the process. It remains as the process and will continue for endless time.” Such is the magnifcient Shiva whose glory is sung by Bheeshmacharya in Vishnu Sahasranaama.

If at all we try to list out actions, events, associations ,experiences etc that has led to our improved attitudes, increasing knowledge(parOksha) and bliss in this perceivable world  then that list itself would be endless. We have no means to express our gratitude to His grace and compassion except by singing His glory,which is also accomplished only by His grace.


27)Shri Sharvaaya namah!

jagattina sukha kreeDa neDesuva namO

sukha swaroopa nI pravritti mAlpe kANisadalee

bhaktArisuradhiT  adhachAridushTa balakrUra

adhamarannu samhAra mADuveeuO sarva swAmi

bhakta +a+ari = bhaktaari . The word ari has two contradictory meanings both of which can be used here. The first one is enemy and the second is dear. If we take the first meaning then a+ari ,we get who is never an enemy to his bhaktas, secondly, a+ari where a is taken as the abbreviation of ananya and ari as dear – then bhaktaari becomes who loves his devotees exclusively. He is suradhiT ,meaning He is pleased with the suras.

In view of these two meanings of “bhaktaari and suradhiT” the first two lines become wonderfully expressive of His compasison in running the universe and the expereince of pleasure that people experience in many of the actions they are made to perform using their senses. His doership is totally unselfish, always for the sake of the good people, the suras-accomplised bhaktas and the bhaktas in general.

He does, but never shows Himself as the doer is the second line which expresses the unwavering nature of the Supreme, never being attached to any actions of outcomes inspite of being its sole independent doer and always being in bliss . These two statements mystyfy us when we try to understand doership in the sense that we know about it. The ego of the doer in the world needs the praise from others, needs the benefit of doing and so many more. The Supreme is totally different and is unique. He never needs, never seeks but instead is complete and full of auspicious attributes,fulfilling the needs and desires of His dear devotees.At the same time, He also destroys the wicked. His sway on this world and the fruits the jivas reap is very clearly expressed by this word ,”sharvaaya namah! ” . He may be the destroyer but that is also a very big auspicious attribute when it is applied to him. He makes things come to an end and that is His compassion in closure when it is needed. He does it as His deovotees and dear to Him and the enemies of His devotees deserve their dues.

“dharma samstApanAya sambhAvAmi yuge yuge ..”

He appears on the earth from time to time , as and when necessary and establishes righteousness. These extraordinary appearances or avatars give us a clue to His true might and lead us to explore the unchartered and unobserved every day,every minute and each and every minute action of Hari.