22)Shreemate namah: Infinite opulence

sampattuvantane shreemaan namO namO eMBe

shObanaishwarya sundara amita ujwalaroopa

shreepate bhriguraama vaamana vedavyaasa hari

aparimita sukhajnaana balaadi gunapoorNa

ಸಂಪತ್ತುವಂತನೇ ಶ್ರೀಮಾನ್ ನಮೋ ನಮೋ ಎಂಬೆ
ಶೋಭಣೈಶ್ವರ್ಯ ಸುಂದರ ಅಮಿತ ಉಜ್ವಲರೂಪ
ಶ್ರೀಪತೆ ಭ್ರಗುರಾಮ ವಾಮನ ವೇದವ್ಯಾಸ ಹರಿ
ಅಪರಿಮಿತ ಸುಖಜ್ಞಾನ ಬಾಲಾದಿ ಗುಣಪೂರ್ಣ

When the wealth of the richest man on earth is compared with the wealth on earth the former slides to almost nothing in comparison. Whatever land, gold or property one may own it pales before the amount of land, gold or properties that actually exist.  The Lord of the Universe is Shrimaan. He is the owner of everything at all times. A king may rule a certain land for a time period, after which his successor replaces him. But the Lord is Shrimaan in the truest sense as He is always the Supreme controller for all time. He is the one who is full and complete with all the different kinds of wealth.

Dasaru says ,” O Shreeman, the One of infinite opulence, I bow down to You in humble surrender. Ownership on earth is limited by time, space and many  factors  like birth, upbringing, education and one’s inherent talents. O  Shreeman, Your ownership is sovereign. You decide the owner of every piece and decides the time for which they should own it and then sees to it that it happens. I bow down with gratitude for this sanctifying knowledge. Your form is the source of all purity and positivity. You reign without any equal and are in control of everything. Your wish is the wand which makes things happen. You are alluringly beautiful with boundless radiance. O Shreepate, Brigurama, Vamana, Vedavyasa, Hari. You are completely full of infinite attributes like bliss, knowledge and power.”

The conversation between Jadabharatha and King Rahuguna highlights the temporary nature of all wealth and power on earth. Jadabharatha replies to Rahuguna’s angry and sarcastic outbursts . He says ,” Your thinking that you are the master and I the servant , thus trying to order me, is not correct as it is not the truth. The master today, can be the servant tomorrow. Providence decides and deals out the fortune of the embodied beings.”

This most thought provoking and piognant conversation between the king and the brahmin clearly shows the temporary nature of life and the fortunes that accompany it. After all, this living soul is bound to death by providence so also all one’s possessions and properties. Finally the king who was of firm faith and on the search for the absolute truth fell flat at the feet of the brahmin-Jadabharatha after he heard the philosophical presentation which reveals the opulence of the absolute Supreme, slackens the knot in one’s heart, which hastens the hankering for liberation from the mundane and enthuses one with the thirst for the true knowledge of the eternal.

govindA namO gOviMda namo

govardhana giriyanettida govinda namma rakshisai

mancha bAradu maDadi bAralu kanchu kannaDi bAradu

sanchitaartada dravya baaradu munche maaDida dharmave

In this devaranama Shri Purandara dasaru highlights the eternal truth that the Lord is the most precious entity one should aspire to know within their limited abilities.

The Brahmasutramrita of Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru explains the first sutra in a few verses. Of that one phrase, “paramapraapya”. He is the foremost among those that should be sought after and His grace is such that He comes to the devotee who is sincere in one’s sadhana. It clearly states that ,”One should engage in contemplation on the Supreme as He bestows the most bountiful wealth in the form of grace which frees one from the travails of samsaara.”

sundara-He has the most alluring form as seen from the incident in the Rasa leela where He finally reappears in front of the gopis after repeated pleading and surrender. “sAkshAn manmatha manmathah” . He is the source of all beauty . Sundara also means purity. Srimaan is the source and bestower of beauty and purity. His glory is matchless and shines forth eternally. He is the only One who can sustain this kind of glory through eternal time and space.

Dasaru mentions Briguraama- the conquerer of the entire clan of kshatriyas who are actually supposed to rule the land but who at that time needed to be squashed because of adharmic practices. He is the true emperor of all time, who can vanquish our foes and burn the papas.

Vamana – He takes the form of a small boy and vanquishes the pride of His devotee Bali who assumes that he is the future ruler of even the kingdom of Indra. He soon realises the truth and bows down in submission . He (Vamana, Vishnu)is the Shrimaan at all times.

Vedavyasa- He is the giver of the wealth in the form of knowledge to the deserving.

Hari- He is the Shrimaan, completely full of bliss who removes the very cause of distress and ensures that His devotees obtain peace and bliss.

If one wonders, Why should all these be true of only “Shrimaan Vishnu” and not anyone else. To that Dasaru answers ,”ಅಪರಿಮಿತ ಸುಖಜ್ಞಾನ ಬಾಲಾದಿ ಗುಣಪೂರ್ಣ” He is limitless, is full of gunas like boundless bliss, infinite knowledge and limitless power.

I bow down in surrender to this Supreme master ,”Shrimaan”.




Author: Parimala R

I am a student of Madhwa's philosophy and a listener of the expositions of Shri Madhwa's works through my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharya .This blog is an attempt to express the jewels contained in those along with the verses of a Haridasaru, Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru . I speak on the verses of the Harikathamruthasaara to students at my place and in the nearby Turahalli Rayar mutt and also on skype. I am also into studying the Bhagavad gita closely with a small group, since the past year, the source of study being the expositions of Shri Bannanje .

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