Sripadarajara stuthi-Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru

Looking at the effective as well as beautiful compositions of Sripadarajaru , we wonder , what a magnificient personality he must have been and to aid our contemplation on his greatness we have stutis composed by many dasarus and saints.

Shri Prasanna Shrinivasa dasaru has written the wonderful accounts of the life and teachings of many great saints of the Madhwa lineage. He highlights their teachings even as he praises their work in the world. Their life is their character and their character is to sing the praise of Hari. So in other words the dedication that the saints had not just in their hearts and minds but also which they followed in their day to day actvities also is brought out well by Dasaru. He has written these works in the form of adhyayas or chapters and this stuti is a part of one such work .

shrIpAdarAjagurusArvabhoumara pAda

nA poMdi sharaNAde emma pAliparu

shrIpa narahari shimshumAra hayamukharAya

gOpivallabha raMga olidiha mahaMta

I have attained the feet of the eminent guru Shripadaraja and surrendered unto him. May he protect and uplift me and all those who do so too. He has the compassionate grace of the master of the world , the consort of Lakshmi, Narahari, Shimshumaara, Hayavadana,Kirshna,ranga. Each nama of the Lord is specially put in place to show this yati’s greatness along with the opportunity to contemplate on the Lord’s gunas as per pone’s abilities. More about this in an update to this post.

shri hamsa lakshmIshanAbhi bhava sanakAdi

mahaMta dUrvAsAdigaLa guruparampareya

mahApurushOttama dAsa shrI madhwavana

ruha pAdagaLalinA sharaNu sharaNAde

He is from the lineage of Hamsa who is the foremost guru, the guru of Chaturmukha Brahma who was brought forth in the lotus which emnated from Hari’s navel. The lineage continues with the sanakAdi rishis, durvAsAdi rishis. It continues and it Purushottama theertha whose blessing and guidance pushed Lakshminarayana to the path of renunciation under his guru-Shri Suvarnavarna theertharu. He is born from the lineageof Madhwa and I surrender at his feet in all humility and reverence.

rAjeevabhava pita rAjarAjeshwaranu

rAjeevAlaya patiyu prasanna shrinivasa

prajwalisutiha madhwarAja saha shrIpAda

rAjaroLu ivaralli sharaNu sharaNade

I surrender again and again to this saint who is blessed with the divine presence of Madhwa and Prasanna Shrinivasa who is the consort of Laksmi who sits in the lotus and the father of Brahma ,born from the Lotus.He is the king of kings and rules the universe of sentient and non-sentient beings through others put in place by Him and energised into action by Him, being known as rAjarAjeshwara.



Author: Parimala R

I am a student of Madhwa's philosophy and a listener of the expositions of Shri Madhwa's works through my gurugalu Shri Bannanje Govindacharya .This blog is an attempt to express the jewels contained in those along with the verses of a Haridasaru, Shri Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru . I speak on the verses of the Harikathamruthasaara to students at my place and in the nearby Turahalli Rayar mutt and also on skype. I am also into studying the Bhagavad gita closely with a small group, since the past year, the source of study being the expositions of Shri Bannanje .

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