Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru

One of the most profound thoughts can be found in the krithis of this dasaru. His works describe Madhwa’s siddanta in all its glory focusing on the single most important theme for a sadhaka which is Hari’s gunapoornatva and his doshaduratva, that He is completely full of flawless auspicious attribtutes which are non-different from him. He is a great philosopher and poet who is of very recent times. I am very much moved by his writings and hence wanted to start a blog to write about his writings. His poems on each name of the thousand names of Vishnu are really fantastic. Keeping in mind that the Shastra dictates that knowledge of the glory while reciting the name is essential to obtain the full blast of the Lord’s grace and that is possible here. One name can hardly trigger a lot of meanings for a layman.  One who has no idea of the Brihati sahasra nor of the various wonderful dhatus of the Sanskrit language has no way to remember these different meanings except by actually learning them by heart. This maybe impractical. When you read the Vishnusahasranama along with the verses to explain each nama, one will be moved to see the Lord’s grace on us as well as His great glory in the universe.

Indeed ,Purandara dasaru has not sung in vain,”Jaganmohanane Krishna jaganvane paalipane””O Krishna, the one who makes the world wonder, even as He protects and sustains it”.

He is not just the most mysterious attractive force(it is the meaning of Krishna) in the universe but becomes more mysterious as He is declared to the be the designer and protector of everyone and everything.

Shree Jagannata dasaru in the Harikathamurtha saara says

bimbaroopanu ee teradi jadapombasuru modaladavaro

ladgimbugondihanendaritu dharmaata kamagala hambalisad

anudina vishwakutumbi kotta kannana

kutsita kambaliyesoubagyavendavangrigala bhajisu

“The Supreme controller, whose image everything IS is

Beginning from the highest jiva-Brahma to the insentient objects

Know this, and don’t hanker for anything at all

Accept everything as the father of the universe’s bountiful gift

It may be a mere shawl or a handful of rice

And bow down in humble acceptance of his will

As the mystery unfolds with each nama, Hari is the most compassionate friend that anyone can hope to have and He is ever ready to come forward to help us, should we so wish it. Our wish takes the form of words sung in His worship and to express His glory.

This is done very aptly by Shree Prasanna Shreenivasa dasaru. I wish to open this great secret box for those who want to benefit by it. I shall be posting a few verses of this great work and sharing it with those of you who are interested to participate . We shall together take a peep into the glory of Paramatma not just as described in the scriptures but by linking those gunas of God to the great unexplained wonders in the world. As mentioned earlier I once again welcome you all to contribute any relevant quotes, any clippings of videos or any poetic verses from the Haridasa sahitya or even just your own words to express it.